Welcome to Weirdville

In a world where our lifestyle has been informed by what we watch and what the internet has defined as trendy, any attempt to define your own lifestyle contrary to popular opinion in society will most definitely earn you the weird badge and if you are not careful, you might allow that badge to get to your ahead and influence you to compromise on your principles so that you can-like the rest of the world fit in society and be ‘normal’ like everyone else.

If you have found yourself having to explain why you live the way you live then you have most probably arrived at your ‘weirdville’ and as a citizen of this city for many years now I would like to welcome you to your new home and hope that during your stay, you’ll have a blast. I need to however warn you that during your stay, you will always receive invitations to return to ‘normalville’ so as a countermeasure to such invitations, I’d advice that you either cut all communication or at least set boundaries that your  pals in ‘normalville’ have to abide by if they want in, on your new lifestyle.

Once you purpose to grow in your relationship with God, please be prepared to take a trip to weirdville or better yet to permanently relocate there because it will be obvious to everyone around you that transformation has taken place -The same transformation as referred to in Romans 12:2 that describes a metamorphosis process which is not just a mere change but rather a total regeneration like what happens to the caterpillar when it transforms into a beautiful butterfly. This is accurately gives you a picture of what happens when you decide to put some effort into your relationship with God. Also note that am not referring to what happens immediately after the Romans 10:9 confession- No this is a continuous process that can all choose to go through in our walk with God till we get to heaven which is when we will see the end result of the beautiful butterfly.

Let us return to our caterpillar – butterfly transformation scenario. Imagine what the caterpillars think of butterflies- do they even think that they are related or that one even came from the other? Can they recognize each other? Is there any resemblance whatsoever? Am certain that if any of the other animals was to communicate to the butterfly and caterpillar to explain to them how they are related, one of them would have to obviously turn out as the weird one which would be accurate as there is no resemblance to suggest that one came from the other. Your guess is as good as mine as to which one is weird.

We all love to contribute to public opinion especially with the evolution of social media and for some it doesn’t just stop at contribution, it goes far beyond that to the extent that the standards set by public opinion begin to define their lives because they want to also be normal and fit into society but here’s the problem, society as a whole is not governed by Biblical principles except when it is convenient especially on that one day of the week, Sunday when all the media seems to focus the attention on God, this is when you will find Gospel music played, sermons aired, gospel shows given airtime and it would seem like on that day, we can all agree that we have given God some time, it is on this day that we all remember to dress our best, post those inspiring quotes about God but when it clocks midnight and Sunday is gone, many of us return to our ‘Normal’ lives.

One thing I have come to learn over the years is that we can’t profess to have a separate life outside of God and then also have a life in God, Acts 17:28 puts this way “For in him we live, and move, and have our being..”  This essentially means that all our lives should be lived in and through him and not apart from him. Consequently this will affect our whole view of the world and our opinion on different subjects. It will even require a change in lifestyle and habits. Personally am now very picky with what I watch, what I listen to, what I read, what I want to appear on my timeline, how I relate with the people around me, how I approach work, how and what I talk about and because of that I will often receive the ‘You’re weird’ remark especially when am talking to people that have had their minds sucked up with public opinion or even Christians.  This is not to say I don’t live in this world-No but I get to choose how I live in this world by looking at it through the eyes of a mind constantly being renewed (Romans 12:1-3) by God’s word. Have I done this perfectly? Not even by a mile but am humble enough to admit that something has to change and I have taken practical steps in that direction.

Being called weird actually does confirm that how I live my life is totally different and that’s okay, In fact it’s very encouraging and am not about to change it no matter how much pressure is exerted because my convictions to live in weirdville are grounded in Christ and how I live now becomes the fruit of my walk with God.  I want to able to live a life that is totally submitted to God so much that in everything I do, people can be able to see God In me and as a result they get to know who God is through my life. I don’t care what this will cost and I know it costs much but looking it in the light of eternity, the cost pales in comparison to what lies ahead.

Greetings from weirdville. We are looking forward to welcoming you all to join us here as we plunder hell to populate heaven.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Weirdville

  1. I won’t say it easy… But consequently it’s inevitable personally I have had my struggles….

    But I love what this amazing lady says

    “Remember who you are. Don’t compromise for anyone, for any reason. You are a child of the Almighty God. Live that truth.” – Lysa Terkeurst

    Otherwise thank you for sharing 👏👏

  2. Thank you for reading Fiona ☺ That Proverbs 31 lady, Lysa is very sharp and I love what she’s doing with her campaign, we all struggle with Identity but I think your species(ladies) in our generation have been affected most. We can all contribute to a better world by allowing God to mold us even when it’s at the expense of our popularity and culture.

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