My Two Cents on #Impact17

Last week, Thursday 8th June 2017 was one very awesome day that I couldn’t comfortably live with myself without saying something about what took place on that day, if you were privileged to have been at Deliverance Church Makerere(DC MUK) that evening, then you probably have an idea about what am about to share and for those that weren’t there, I’ll give you a preview of what ‘went down’, if by the end of the post you still don’t get excited or at least inspired, then we might need to have you checked for ‘Christian Dormancy Syndrome’(Don’t look this up online, Google hasn’t yet caught up with this new plague).

It was around 6:40pm when I got to DC MUK and I wasn’t very expectant (Not a good state to be in), I’d attended Impact Conference before and I wasn’t really inspired so I figured that this might as well not be all that exciting, unfortunately my favorite spot had already been taken so I had to painfully find elsewhere to sit though the sitting didn’t last for long because as soon as I had made myself comfortable, it was time for intercessions which I must confess were unusually long and the whole session was filled with so much scriptural references that I couldn’t keep up even with taking notes, the only viable option then was to simply follow the leader’s prayer points and trust Holy Spirit for the rest.

30+ minutes later was time for the word and for this I was so excited that my earlier state of ‘unexpectation’ had already transformed to very expectant. The speaker for the day was invited on stage and with one look at him, in my mind I thought ‘Ehh! This guy looks like He’s going to bore us’, Thank God that thought I held captive and it didn’t last very long because when Pastor Laban JJumba started speaking, I was literary awestruck, He started by giving us a chronological presentation of Biblical scripture establishing the need for us as God’s children to take our rightful place on earth since we have been blessed with a wealth of wisdom from God much more superior to the world’s wisdom.

He shared with us a story of a Pastor in Kenya that had been touched by the deplorable lives that many of the people in his village lived and yet deep down he knew that these people were ultimately supposed to be thriving so he sought the Lord on what to do and God instructed him on what to do in order for the Village to be able to preserve water and do farming, in the eyes of the unbelieves, what he proposed could be equated to the  Noah’s story as he was being asked why he was building the ark but because he was sure  that the instructions were from God, he obeyed and did as instructed and  when the rains came, he was able to store enough water to use during the dry spell. He went on to practically demonstrate this new heaven-inspired irrigation method and shared the idea with all those that were interested.Before long, the village was transformed for the better.

So what’s the point of this story? Am not sure that I told the whole story as accurately as it was told by Pastor Laban but I believe what I’ve shared will help me lay the foundation of  the lessons I picked from the story and the sermon overall.

  1. As children of God, we’re far more privileged than the unbelievers. The world in its current state is in dire need of solutions to the problems that have even failed the political systems which is where we come in, we know things that the world doesn’t know, we have access to God’s limitless resources but how many of us have chosen to selectively tap into these resources and deny the world an opportunity to experience how good our God and Powerful our God is.
  2. Success in Uganda doesn’t begin and end in Kampala. Now this I know would probably attract criticism because many of the kampalans I’ve met would argue that their lives would be devastated if they were to live anywhere away from Kampala however, away from Kampala there’s so much ‘fertile ground’ for the gospel and you’d be shocked that people out there are more receptive to gospel than those in Urban Kampala but even more importantly there’s so much investment potential out there that is just untapped and who better to take advantage of this than the children of God.
  3. The Gospel is not just meant for you keep to yourself. Our generation has seen an explosion of the message of God’s grace which for me has been very exciting because the ignorance about God’s grace had kept many of us in the bondage of performance and religions activities. Every corner of Kampala now has a fellowship, so many children of God have heeded the Mathew 28 call and it is all good but now more than ever we have more work to do, this gospel that we know and live by has got to get off the pages of the Bible, social media, pulpits and out of the four walls of the church, we need to take it to the market place and practice what we preach, it’s about time we started seeing ourselves influencing Uganda and Africa, in simple terms, if we say that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ, then we should be able to translate this blessing into tangible fruits that the world can be able to see and wonder how we did it. The time we are spending in church speaking in tongues and binding should bear results and not just any results but results that are marked with excellence. What’s the point of you spending your whole day in church speaking in tongues but you can’t be trusted with doing anything excellently, as children of God we have to be the standard of excellence in everything we are doing.

Finally the day was crowned with an unusual selfie moment with a couple of tweethearts that made it to the conference, though the moment was shot lived, the memories stuck and am looking forward to next year’s Impact conference. If you are reading this and you know Pastor Laban personally, please send my love and greetings to him, he is a blessing to this nation which am sure he already knows but nonetheless please let him know that indeed I was impacted. To Pauline who introduced Impact conference to me last year, I also bless you, then there is this crazy Liam who introduced me to DC MUK, I celebrate you too Mulungi

Photo Credit: Faith Liam Mulungi

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