My Audience Of One(Birthday Tribute)

As creatures of this world we always have that inborn desire to be accepted, loved and cherished by society, we practically survive on compliments of other people and it matters a lot what people say about us-this is the typical thought pattern of everyone until they’re truly born again and can confidently say that their approval lies only in the hands of the creator as they grow deeper in the understanding that they’re not only human but also spirit, not just any spirit but that same spirit that Jesus had, operating in the exact same power although now limited by the level to which one is willing to yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

1 John 2:20 says,

But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.

If that doesn’t blow your mind, then add 1 Corinthians 2:16b which says that

But we have the mind of Christ.

Now before you start looking for a theologian or ‘Man of God’ to explain the revelation here, just keep at the back of your mind that the 2 verses refer to your new regenerated spirit and not your physical body. Thanks to this attitude, my life has now taken a whole different path as my pleasure is derived from the understanding that as Christ is, so am I in this world (1 John 4:17) and so I don’t need to seek the approval of anyone else apart from Him, In fact to make it even seem to be ‘To Good To be True’, I don’t require God’s approval because he’s already given me my stamp of approval, he did that as soon as I allowed him into my life over 10 years ago. Now my life is simply an adventure with my father in heaven as I make him famous on earth.

A few days ago it was my birthday and as opposed to normal practice I choose to keep silent about the day and just go on like it was on ordinary day (Which it was), that was until 2 awesome friends thought otherwise and instead orchestrated an unusual surprise party of sorts, I can’t say I was very excited but then I would be deceiving if I said I was unhappy, let’s just say I had mixed feelings but non the less, the day ended and we all moved on-I had planned to write a couple of things about that day but then I couldn’t get myself to do it so I gave up the idea and just waited for when the inspiration would come, that  happens to be today 19th August 2016.

Back to where I started from, before you get lost in the confusion of the blog post’s  introduction and  my birthday, I’d like to help you connect the dots and if you still don’t get the connection, It’s okay-at least I’ll have tried. At the start of the this blog post, I needed to point out the need for us to only live to perform for the audience of one, Jesus as he is undoubtedly the priority, I see very many people thriving on compliments on their birthdays, changing their profiles, making sure that everyone in their circle of friends gets to know that there’s a birthday wish to send out even when they don’t necessarily care about the person or even know then that well, for other people, birthdays are so much of a big deal that traditional customs of sharing gifts and throwing parties can’t fail to make it to the list of activities on that special day, not that the day shouldn’t be special but at least we could find creative ways of going past the normal trend and seeking to celebrate in a ‘Not so obvious’ way, just as if we only had one person in the audience to celebrate with or to primarily appreciate for our presence in this world. My birthday this year nailed the ‘Audience Of One’ idea into my heart-so much that I couldn’t help but keep telling my friends that it ought to be a very personal affair between very few people and whether or not anyone says ‘happy Birthday’, it doesn’t make any difference.

At 24 Years if Age(Yes I’m Old and Unashamed), I’ve understood that when your focus shifts from the audience of everyone else to the audience of one, it lifts the burden off your shoulders and allows you to genuinely thrive, people’s opinions cease to influence your life(of course excluding Godly council from genuine critiques). Every aspect of life just becomes clearer and easier when you know that you don’t have to live up to the expectations of people in such a way that they inform your every move, mood, feeling and expression. There’s a lot I’ve learnt over the years, and that’s what I initially wanted to write about, but then I figured, what better lesson to share other than that of My Audience of One, Ohh! And the title of this blog post is not entirely originating from my head, it is inspired by an African gospel song I listened to at the beginning of this year.

Abundant Blessings to all the August Babies out there (For this blessing to come to pass, you have to declare it over yourself and believe that it’s your new reality, it’s not magic or wishful thinking).


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