Into His Rest I Lay

Burdened by a nature of the fallen state of this our world,
I seek to get a grip of something out of this world, something no man has yet to comprehend,
I get lost of  a place upon which my head can return to solace, discomfort is second nature now,
Even with brightly visible  oncoming rush of peace, my mind has been taught to fear,
The sound of a snare and the lustre of the glare so easily blinds my already  heavily populated conscience,
There at the center of it all, is a love that thrives in the dread for an infinite being.
There by the sides, I see a cloud of anguish set upon my sorry state of sorrow.

The answers to all that my senses can behold lie in understanding from within,
I fear that my heart will be drowned to a state of death knowing that life has departed,
Allowing myself to think just for a split second I grasp to an idea from beyond my reasoning,
I see an illustration of beauty beyond what my memory can afford to absorb,
The wonders of his glory stub  my already wounded heart as it shred to bits,
My fool-proof idea of an everlasting peace is suddenly interrupted by yet another foreign idea,

Even when I’m reminded that I’m forever yours, the noise of my universe sits on the throne,
I seek to make an exchange but my offer evaluates to nothingness compared to what he offers,
He is the one we call Jesus, much about whom has been written since before the dates of time,
He rose to such an honorable place of might that we can’t find a definition for his stature,
Our choice of description stands limited only to what nature chooses to identify him by,
I find that my exchange is now far too easy now that all that I need is to simply rest in his work.


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