Thus Far The Lord Has Brought Me

It’s been 10 years now since I began this walk with the Lord, a walk that has seen me pass along many opportunities while being handed others that I’d have otherwise not naturally qualified to have, met awesome people, understood why I was put on earth but above all growing in my relationship with the Lord. I know it’s not as fashionable to celebrate certain days or events in life, events such as the one I’m describing in this post, to some people it doesn’t seem to be all that exciting as a birthday party or wedding anniversary would be, guess that makes me different and that alone even makes it more exciting.

I have been keen with learning new things and try out different things as well, I have attempted to sing, play music instruments and none of them has worked out successfully, I have been known not to always finish what I start, the things or ideas I conceive are birthed prematually or somehow they die off as infants, the only memories I have of them is that they existed at a point in my life, I can’t explain how or why but it has happened so much that the natural sense In me would prefer to believe that I’m not cut from the same cloth of creativity and perseverance that people who’re good at what I fail at are cut from.

This has greatly discouraged the small grains of invention that have been sowed by my unusual train of thought that I’ve been blessed with, though I discovered it in my later teens while in high school, it became more obvious while at campu.. Ohh!!.. which leads to the subject of this post (Yes I was still laying the foundation or what people call ‘introduction’), now let me explain a few things below

I got born again in my senior one while at Ntare school, I remember it was on a Saturday during what we called ‘sato fello’ in the main hall at the time, this was after I’d stumbled upon the fellowship while looking for ‘plot’, the 1st day at school (which was a Saturday), I believe was when God started dealing with me (This is what they call conviction) until 2 Saturdays later when I took the deal I was being offered seriously and ever since then I’ve not looked back, it was a good deal that has by far been the best deal that I’ve ever made(Not that I make many deals).

The next few years were filled with so much ‘work’ because I believed that God’s deal was based on how much work I was able to do on his behalf, I understood this years later  that God loved me in spite of what I do and not because of what I do, this didn’t make sense to my small brain at the time so my journey with the Lord was mostly tedious in my attempt to earn a place in his good books, at one point in form 4 I questioned my relationship, I didn’t see any fruits in my walk and everyone I turned to was pointing me to the same pattern of ‘do this and that or stand to be judged by God’.

The relationship I have now with the Lord I wish I had developed back then but then again I’m very grateful for the foundations that were laid because it was upon those foundations that all what I know now originated, for all the misconceptions I had about God, I’m glad to have learnt otherwise in 2014, it was like all what I knew was erased and then I re-learnt everything afresh all that thanks to my roommate who just happened to have an eBook, titled ‘The naked Gospel’, that he shared with me and at the time I  thought I’d be reading the traditional Christian literature, little did I know that this was to mark the beginning of my understating of God’s grace, I got so much in love with the Lord that I got silently crazy about understanding this new thing called ‘Grace’.

My desire to understand led me to many other men/women of God that share the same gospel and now I don’t even think I’ve fully tapped or even gotten to 1 quarter of understanding   the fullness of God’s Grace, I’ve however started the journey so I can be grateful for that. So why am I sharing all this and why now?  Why am I sharing all this- I found it necessary (Like a friend of mine always says) that I share this story because I express myself clearly through writing so it’s the most efficient means for me to testify of the Lord’s awesomeness thus far and then again I believe this would encourage someone who’s new in this our family of the righteousness of God, Why now- just like people celebrate anniversaries, well this happens to be my 10th anniversary in my relationship with the Lord and I don’t take it for granted as I was told that I wouldn’t last a year or more walking with the Lord, this should also serve as a means for me to throw it out there to the ‘nay sayers’ that ‘you got served’ I’ve made it thus far and this is just the beginning, it only gets better and better.

Life is not just meant to be lived, no, we’re created to thrive and excel at everything we do, I don’t want to start things and not be able to finish them, I don’t want to just pass through life just like everyone else, that’s not what God wants for me, I’m made for a particular purpose that has yet to be established, no matter how long it takes. Whoever is in the way to stop my purpose from being fulfilled I know God’s already defeated you so I stand in faith knowing that God’s got this. Amen

PS: Everything I start I intent to bring to completion as the Lord desires and now that I’ve leant to inquire of him at all times, I know I’m not alone in this, God’s handiwork will be all over it.


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