All I’ve Ever Needed

It sure feels like falling in love even when we both know it’s a dead end,

But even when reality points to the dark, I still go in heart first,

The shadows of my past set forth a queue of reasons to abandon the cause

One by one, the reasons build up into a case whose weight I can’t argue against,

I seem to focus my energy on adopting a doubtful surge of shock,

All but one voice do I hear flexing to dissuade me from my original cause.


All around I see faults in the our stars like the movies seem to suggest,

It’s true that even when I have life, I concede to the fact that Life’s got me,

My feelings perfectly knitted in check don’t get to listen to the leading of my spirit,

If I could use help, it had better come at this time when the battle is at it’s peak,

My Amen fades at the sight of an anchor of this unworthy feeling that I’m at war.


My attention is taken aback as it seems like what I see is not a natural light,

Pitched at the ocean of doubt is this sudden route painted by the dark side of my heart,

I have never wanted to be loved this much, not even through the pain of death,

It’s not like the matters of the heart, no, this is a matter of life and death,

Even when it’s a guaranteed heaven bound journey, there’s a sudden shift in gravity,


The plot gets twisted just by an inch and the hero turns into the villain,

I find courage in knowing the end of the script and I seek for the flip switch,

I’m lead to find the truth in the word which against popular belief is far from the facts,

This is more than just a fling, it’s more than being in love momentarily, and it sure defies nature,

I plunge into this unending love unaware of the consequences which only get worse by the day,

It all makes sense when I discover the consequence is being loved no more less than he loves himself,

The story starts at the end of this discovery that Christ is all I’ve ever needed.



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