The Chronicles Of Grace

Over the past few years, I’ve been carefully following this new idea of Grace so much that I’ve had to listen to various preachers and also read books by different authors, my quest for knowledge also landed me at the Phaneroo fellowship which just celebrated the 1st year anniversary since inception in August last year. In fact before i go ahead, I would like to state that it’s the only fellowship from those i’ve been a part of that seems to minister pure grace or what others would want to call extreme grace if such a thing even exists.

In recent times, a number of churches have also realised the need to enlighten their flock on what exactly the gospel of grace is which to me is a sign that there was something missing in the sermons all along, in an effort to add my voice to the increasing awareness about Grace, i started sharing small bits of quotations about the person of Jesus Christ on twitter and i was encouraged by the response from the readers. Although there hasn’t been any direct response to a particular post i made, I’m certain that someone out there was blessed.

We are a generation that feeds on the internet (literally) in a sense that we spend so much time consuming information on social media, some of which is rubbish (depending on your preferences), being a part of this generation, I believe i have a role to play in ensuring that whatever i share on social media is beneficial to everyone who reads it( Yes… I mean everyone ,especially the unbelievers and those who are believing wrongly).

For those who’ve been following closely, I’ve been tweeting with the Hashtag ‘GraceChronicles’ , The purpose of which is to have all my tweets about the message of grace in one place and to also connect with like-minded believers online. To widen this campaign i decided to share the idea with a number of people who liked the idea and agreed to be a part of it. Therefore we are going to be sharing quotes, testimonies, books, sermons etc all in an effort to spread the message of grace first in Uganda and then all over the world.

If you have a story of how you’ve been transformed by grace, please get in touch as i’ll also post it on the blog but for other shorter posts or tweets, use the #GraceChronicles Hashtag and let’s together spread the love..

To be a part of this awesome team, please comment below with suggestions on how we can make it better or better still for more details.

Yours in Love,



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