Lyrical Eloquence (Simpulified-Pompi)

I can’t help but simply credit Pompi for allowing God to use him, this year in particular was when i got to discover the magical lyrics of Chaka Nyathando (Pompi’s real name), a close look at the words in this ‘simpulified’ song reveal the truth about life in Salvation and how God has already made available all we need through Christ, there’s a deep message of grace in this song which makes it a winner for me.

A few months back Pompi also released 3 live videos of his songs under the theme ‘ Death of the Playback’. I have to say he really outdid himself in this one ofcourse being one of the 1st African gospel artists to try that line of music with live videos, he has definitely set the trend and i look forward to even better music in the years to come.

-Verse 1-
He carried your sin on the cross, reconciling divorce between you and my God, you and my God
Brought back to the original cause, the original path, scrap your calculation down to the original math-matic
Tenze mu manual in the Torah now it is just automatic, isn’t it fantastic
Good o’ tell the masses, forgiven you are, you are born a star, he took all your scars

Now my life is so simpulified, my desire I ask and he replies
What you require comes from the most high
That is the principle and law I go by

-Verse 2-
Iyi yeve ni pompi, noti ya panja
Pompi yo tunya, spittin that thunder
E’ne ifotokodza va ku mwamba, Not gonna watch a nation go under
Fullu fullu condition, that is the mission
Moving with purpose, moving with vision
Praying for wisdom cause this is the season
To kill a giant all to no competition

Busk in the joy (your debt is paid)
Sit back relax enjoy your life (cause you got it made)
Take off your shoes now (put them away)
And count your blessings name them one by one today

Source: The Natives


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