Burning In My Heart

I fail to understand how this deep desire is birthed within

The most annoying element reveled in the mist of a forgotten memory Covered in grief,

The need has but one sure way out and it is not through tear

The joy of being honored with a plate of worms spiced with honey comes in plenty

I live with this sense of guilt knowing that my end has been written by the past,

Given chance this would go down as the day when my heart turned red

I have lived and died only to rise at the bottomless pit of confusion

The heat is left to be savored by a breath of a thin cloud of softness the lies beneath,

It is with great pleasure that I announce my departure from serenity,

I understand now that we were not meant to have a heart made of steel,

Facts have been revealed that the only time we could imagine was long gone before time,

It’s only a matter of truth and death has not left us with a breath of a life giving spirit,

A story is told, one that bears the mark of a burning desire to reach out to limitless power,

We hold on to the small things that mask in the multitude of fear wrapped in the arms of anger,

The future has been untold being darker than a trickle of the smallest shadow of light,

I imagine a time when we can only bow our heads and wish our pain away,

I imagine a time when the world could see past the taste of glory towards the mark of humility,

I imagine a generation of departed souls that have left a legacy so radical that we uphold their bodies,

I imagine that our hearts would understand the nature of our minds and submit to the spirit

I imagine a country full of life giving spirits that contain the power to heal, restore and Rebuild,

I have lived to see the rights of those in authority asserted by the authors of anarchy I have understood the trickery of our hearts looking to be served by the creation of man,

In the moment of truth,our hearts are at rest, the noise of discomfort is silenced

This is the depth of desire buried deep in the heart of my spirit that the world would awaken

At the sound of his name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that he the lord of hosts,

Burning in my heart is a consuming fire that holds lights the path to eternity untold,

I have not known a time when smoke has existed without a fire, the fire not known to many,

Consumed by the powers of darkness, we see less of the truth in him that was before even time begun,

Behold it is no longer a secret, my heart is red hot from an anointing passed on from heavenly places

I will burn to ashes anything in the way of this deep desire,my skin has been raptured of it’s lust

The burn has penetrated so deep that I lay bare chest in the shadow of the most high

Waiting only to receive that which was promised that fullness of his Glory shall manifest,

I have cared less about the outward dwelling of myself, concerned more with the inward self,

Believing that all things will have been worked out to cover my burns in revelation of the scars,

My heart is at rest and my mind is fully aware of the one that burned me in awe of his wonder In moments like these,

I live, breathe and Sweat Christ even when the world points to my failuress


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