A Women After God’s Own Heart

I know the whole excitement of International Womens day has probably died down which is a good thing for the purposes of having a sober reflection on the poetic words that were composed by a one Massie Katende who took her time to express her opinion on what defines a Woman after God’s Own Heart.

In her 1st Guest posts on my blog, I present ‘A Woman After God’s Own Heart’ by Massie Katende.

She has made the Lord her most treasured dwelling,
Striving to live according to His standards in action and speech,
With a reverent lifestyle and a dedication to his service,
Engulfed in a Beauty defined by His righteousness,
A beauty that can find its origin in Christ,
Radiating Him from the inside and out.

A woman after God’s own heart,
His heart’s cry….her burden,
Broken by everything that breaks Him,
Awakened to spiritual matters,
Totally devoted ….spirit, heart and mind.
Drinking from His very presence,
Receiving from his abundance,
Encamped in His glory.
She has refused to be complacent in her walk with him
Not seeking satisfaction with just having a mediocre relationship
Her desire is to really know him,
The depth of who He really is.

An ordinary woman,
Doing extraordinary things for God because of who God is in her life.
Admittedly in her own strength,
She has nothing without Him.

She knows her God has no limitations,
So she is determined and inspired to serve every day.
Trusting in His plan,
Through the lows and highs of her journey
She knows, in Him who is her light and salvation, there is no fear.
Her life is perfectly flawed in the eyes of men
Yet she is true to-the-heart-of Christ’s love
She portrays a beautiful picture of faith, obedience, joy and nobility
Characters only possessed by those who have their being in the will of God.

She is a woman after God’s own heart.

In the spirit of Collaboration, this is the 1st Piece in a series of many other posts that are yet to come from different writers that are willing to collaborate as we spread the word of God through Poetry.

Please remember to check out more of Massie’s writing on her Blog


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