Partaking Of An Inspiration From The #African #Woman(#IWD)

Media houses and other public entities spend alot of time profiling women that have made a difference in Africa or even the world. Am sure they do their research to ensure that their publications are accurate and portray the opinion of the larger section of their audience.

This women’s day i am so humbled that  publishing my findings concerning the most inspirational women in Africa is part of my way of honoring them(God bless their souls) , however the list may not appear as those in the papers that are based on public opinion or service. This list is based on my personal views that are not subject to public opinion, therefore if you do not endorse this list, it’s okay i can understand.

The women listed below have silently contributed to the way i look at the world in different dimensions especially ICT, Media and Spirituality because they each have a unique style of doing their things, the only uniting factor is that they all inspire me and they don’t know it. The reason am doing this in addition to simply the celebration is because i believe that everyone needs to be wise enough to choose someone they can look to for inspiration regardless of their age or status.

Behold i present to you my 2015 most inspirational Women:

1. Maureen Agena.

2. Patricia Kahill

3. Rebecca Nantale

4. Nancy Kacungira

5. Clarisse Iribagiza

6. Maghi Nanyombi

7. Esther Kalenzi

8. Brenda Zulu

The above awesome ladies  are all sent from heaven to make this world a better place not just because they’ve managed to excel at what they do but also because they have allowed to be used as vessels to influence positive change in society, each of them has understood the concept of using Social Media, they’ve mastered the art of Social Media engagement.

Looking at their individual personalities, I’ve not heard of any of them involved in anything that would qualify to earn them a mention in the tabloids and am very sure they don’t juts struggle to keep up the act but rather it flows from deep within, as you can see it even overflows to the outside for us to tap freely

Lastly it’s interesting to note that I’ve never met any of them physically apart from Maureen way back in High school so it’s going to be my life long assignment to make sure that at least every year i meet one of these ladies and personally deliver my appreciation for their inspiration.

P.S This list is one i will keep updating every year because am very sure it will grow bigger and better. To the rest of the women in my life, you’ve not been forgotten, your names are engraved deep within my heart too.


8 thoughts on “Partaking Of An Inspiration From The #African #Woman(#IWD)

  1. Ohh Thanks Patrick. But we should meet… 3 years are so many behind machines and no teas or coffees… Just get me a date and I will make it to you.

  2. Reblogged this on Kahill Insights and commented:
    When the things you do inspire others… we all have people looking up at us and picking ideas to better themselves. I am honored to be on his list.

  3. Dear Patrick you have really made a good observation of what is cooking today. I personally have not met any apart from knowing that Patricai Kahill is my University OG. On the list, as an upcountry information officer, you have left Ruth Aine, Grace Natabaalo, Jacqueline Asiimwe out. These ladies have played a greater role ininformation sharing and no bad records whatsever.

    • Thank You Elijah for appreciating, i do know that there are many more not on that list but like i said, this list will keep getting bigger and Bigger, I only put those that have personally inspired me.

  4. Well put–I have never met these ladies in person but I see/follow them on social media platforms; and I agree they are inspiring!

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