Lyrical Eloquence

We can all agree that music and poetry are among the most treasured tools of influence in the world today, we spend hundred of hours and money making sure that we get access to the latest tunes. For some we struggle to download the freshest music soon as it hits the shelves.

I’ve also realized that we at times pay so much attention to the ‘beats’ as we forget about the relevance of the lyrics or if they even carry any meaning. There are songs that are just so meaningless that even the artists themselves find it hard to explain their source of inspiration when they’re asked(No offence). On the other hand, we are blessed with artists who simply put in alot of work to make sure that a good tune is accompanied with sensible lyrics.

Over a couple of weeks, i will post some of the lyrics that have made sense to me and i would like you(The one reading This) to also participate by sending in the lyrics that have most touched your heart. The purpose of this is to acknowledge that there’s some good music out there and also to appreciate the artists doing this. Starting this week, I will posts lyrics from 2 songs/poems every week.

Interested In Collaborating? Fill out the comments section and let’s begin the fun.


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