As The Spirit Leads, I will Follow

As the spirit leads, I will follow,
Loved so greatly, this force I cannot contain on the inside of me,
Flowing from the deepest part heart, he was formed not created,
I can only fathom the description set by the truth of the word,
The feeling is not one seen by the carnal mind or even revealed by the flesh,
In fact the mind will simply dismiss the presence of him with shallow reasoning.

As the spirit leads, I will follow,
Handed down from centuries past, it was written,
So I say walk by the spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh,
For the flesh desires what to the spirit and so is the truth when reversed,
It’s no more a matter of who we are but rather who he is and who we have become,
Privileged like kings we were sent a helper, comforter at our every point of need.

As the spirit leads, I will follow,
Just as a tree bears fruit, love, joy, peace, they all follow through automatically,
We express what we know not, only a matter of Faith we require,
We speak a language gifted by an anointing that can only source its power from heaven,
Having heard and received with our hearts we delve into a divine realm,
Your imagination cannot with precise prediction dictate this kind of feeling,
It’s not just a normal feeling but rather one that has its roots establish in a relationship.

As the spirit leads, I will follow,
Truth is, the reception comes at no cost, for it was freely given and will forever remain free,
We were not dumped in the world to fight on our our own, we were made to thrive,
In him we find hope for each day, good works we breathe effortlessly,
For everything that pertains to the kingdom our father own, as his children we simply partake,
Beloved, may we honestly desire for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


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