Our Faulty Self-Deposited Lies

This only happens to those who fully comprehend the meaning of obsolesce
The lasting memory of them that held on to that which they believed did not last
Even when the world seemed to agree that all was perfect
We struggled to live beyond our emotional strength, our past came to haunt us
The fact that lay open revealed that, like filthy rugs our destiny was one to dump as such
In the wake of the moment the veil seemed to multiply the masking of the whole truth
We couldn’t see past what our faulty self-deposited lies told us.

We were told that for there to ever be un-inequity we had to set forth on a struggle
We understood that there was a strict set of rules that we had to commit to memory
Our hands were designed to pick onto only what they determined to be worthy
Our point of reference was what the system reflected in the mirror
We cared less about the daily routine, much less about the father’s will
It took no more than 1000 days to examine the relevance of our actions
We couldn’t see past what our faulty self-deposited lies told us.

“One step at a time” rhymed well with the principles that we picked along the way
We waited for a “drop in the ocean” which is not what we craved, but rather the whole ocean
All was meant to come to us by the forces of nature despite our foolish self-deposited lies
We believed in those that took the trouble to follow along our path of no end, or so we thought
Words cannot suffice to describe the victory that presented a chance of failure
We tried freedom with long suffering but only ended back at the very start.
We couldn’t see past what our faulty self-deposited lies told us.
In the final moments of our deposition with the system, hope was set before our eyes
In our innocence we allowed to be guided to what rightly belonged to us
We could only understand that it was not in our own might or even our knowledge

Like the thought of sight to the blind we didn’t grasp the idea withought a doubt
It was in the understanding of the true meaning of surrender that our hearts found rest
Our minds were reset to factory default as we allowed to be re-programmed with the father’s will
Our point of reference no longer defined by the system but guided by the revelation of a better life.
Loving kindness filled our hearts as light stretched to deepest part
In a moment we could see past what our faulty self-deposited lies told us.


2 thoughts on “Our Faulty Self-Deposited Lies

    • Thank You very much for taking the time to Read, I can only be thankful to God that you he allowed the poem to make sense to you and yes am looking forward to writing more poetry, keep visiting for more. Thanks Again.

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