I Live, Breathe and Sweat #Christ

Convicted my inner man, I am convinced of the greatness in me,
I measure the strength of my stronghold based on a new understanding,
I withhold the stress of my pain to allow a flow of a better nourishment,
Aware of what the future holds, I hold off to what the past had to offer,
No longer in the confines of the words in the book, the truth glows in the dark,
Afraid of the wrath that befalls a generation of the likes of the foolish Galatians.

I live among a multitude of righteous souls divinely weird to reflect a perfect sacrifice,
Striving no more to attract the attention of him whose life was stripped of it’s very nature,
Struggling no more to exalt him whose nature attracted a heavenly curved anointing,
Fighting so hard to assure them that believe in the old nature that we have arrived to our temporary home,
Caught in the act trying to afford a legacy that could only be deserved to death,
Chocking in the smoke of a spirit filled, fire spitting realm, I can only bow down and say, you are awesome in this place.

Breathing the same air by which Adam received life, He is the same even hundreds of years later,
Dethroning the believers in effort filled pleasure while enthroning those looking to be saved for a greater purpose,
Entertaining a battle in my mind as my thoughts linger to create a whole new line of action,
To them that believed, he gave them the right to be called the children of him, adopted is not enough, born into the family, pricelessly saved to live in freedom,
Conscious of my father’s glory, I not only confide in his very being, I bask in the goodness of his Love
Purposefully challenged to bear good fruits I can only concede defeat given that without his love I am no good to even live.

I simply find my body soaked in the blood of the Lamb, His sweat meets my failures at the hardest of times
Graciously loved and taken to a higher level of moral approval, I declare a new era of perfection
Injustice thriving at the presence of a soul searching Spirit, darkness finds it’s light at the sound of his name.
Philosophy rotates around the same conclusion but learns not to admit the inevitable at the risk of publicity traps
Doctors find the time to diagnose a condition no human has yet found the words to explain,
Mechanics attempt to undermine the possibility of a law against gravity even when the dots are connected out of this world,
It’s no surprise that he loves unjustly and his hate for evil has imputed in us a life, breath and Sweat that breeds righteousness.

You can choose to call him Christ.


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