Is #Heaven For Real?

To talk about Heaven in our generation is one of those very confusing subjects and if you come across anyone that tells you that they fully grasp the idea of what heaven looks like, then that person must be able to give full account of what they know in addition to proving beyond reasonable doubt that they fully understand where and what heaven is. Such people are increasingly coming out although for most of us, differentiating between imagination and reality is very difficult.

When I first heard about the movie ‘Heaven Is For Real’ I assumed it was linked to the story of Choo many years ago, I thought they had decided to just change the title by adding ‘For’ however when I watched the trailer things were very different in setting, experience. It was a whole new encounter, I then laid   down a strategy to watch the movie before the end of this year and in June I had an opportunity to watch it for the first time.

I must confess that what I expected was very different from what the script writer had in mind despite the fact that I had watched the trailer. For starters the countryside setting was a winner and the house in which the Burpo’s lived was way too nice, if I were an architect that would be one of those designs I would copy and paste somewhere if at all it’s legal. The large field of crop spanning miles also impressed me, in general it was a very serene place away from the noise and pollution of the city center.

Now to the ‘Heart of the Matter’ Colton’s Description of his experience in heaven was just amazing and the decision to break it into small chunks for us the audience to grasp in bit was very wise so the description of what he saw in heaven was spread all through the movie instead of having it all packed into one scene. For me this was a deliberate effort to allow our minds digest the ideas piece by piece and it sure achieved this.

The idea of a 4 year old giving an account of what they saw in heaven is as mothers would call it ‘Sweet’ since this is not common in everyday life, it was encouraging to watch Colton Young as he was talking about heaven using very plain and simple English, nothing confusing, no jargons. It was as simple and basic but people still found it hard to accept it as the truth, In one of the scenes as Todd was talking to the Psychologist, she described Colton As being very smart and creative meaning that this may have aided him to come up with the different descriptions of heaven. It’s easier to accept the facts for which we can easily find a scientific explanation than those to which science has no answers. This is one of the strongest argument area for non-believers.

On a lighter note, I also loved the fact that Colton had Spiderman as his super hero since as a kid Spiderman was my super here, even now when I have out grown the whole idea of super heroes, I sometimes find myself in arguments where I have to actually defend Spiderman as the coolest super heroes for very simple facts ( He is actually the most natural super hero). The choice of interior design for his room also impressed me. It was clearly an indication that this guy knew his super hero very well, I didn’t go that far but at least we share that aspect of life ;).

Being a pastor, one would assume that these are some of the most anointed believers that have just decided to spread the word of God formally which also means that they probably know and can interpret the word of God very well, In this movie things were different since Todd Struggled to believe what his son was telling him about heaven until he told him about the dead Grandfather in heaven, he needed some form evidence to believe what he was being told. For many of us, it’s a trait we can relate with even in our walk with God, we always want to see things in our eyes working for us to truly believe however this disagrees with the basis of Christianity since it’s a matter of Faith and In the case of Colton All the dad needed to do was to believe, I can’t say am perfect in this area but am a work in progress and someday I will comfortably say I have arrived (Possibly In Heaven).

We are told that for one to go to heaven, they have to first die and for a long time I believed this was very true but we’ve seen and heard testimonies of people that have gone to heaven and returned to tell their story, They died and resurrected however for Colton’s case he didn’t even die so that leaves a lot of unanswered questions that I hope we shall all someday find answers to. Since it’s based on a true story them who am I to dispute it. I believe heaven is real and whether or not you believe it doesn’t change the fact of existence.

Ohh! And then …. That paints pictures of what she saw in heaven is just beyond what my mind can fathom, in the last scene of the movie we see that …. Agrees with the painting of Jesus, this can’t just be a coincidence for sure, if this can’t convince you, then we can arrange a session of deliverance for you, please share with us your sentiments. In fact as with all Christian movies, this one too got a lot of attention and here’s a Link to one that was very detailed ‘How the movie Heaven Is for Real contradicts the book’

Feel free to comment and share with us your experience as you watched the movie.






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