A Rising Star

1_articleimageI look among the stars for one that carries that special glow, one like no other
Out of the many I can tell there’s just a handful of those with a worthy lusture
It’s not just about the glory texture, there is more than meets the eye buried deep within
Called to serve but ashamed to move past the distress of the crowds, it’s only a matter of time
I can only feel the perforations in the souls of those that carried the cross
Burdened by the delight of the world but pardoned by the creator of the earth.

In a desperate search of a proverbs 31 lady, matched with a psalms 119 man, one who prides in the gene of wisdom
We look back at the past and draw lessons to live in the future as directed by the present
The makers of this great nation foretold a time of revival, the rise of a confident generation
In exchange for a great deal of nothingness, the opportunity is handed down to our generation
A generation that’s so full of itself that their minds are brain washed with a hopeless state.

Watching and hoping for a savior sent from above like manna, we await a time of reckoning
A time when the universe shall tremble in recognition of the fruits of the struggle
The struggle to align the daughters with astounding confidence like that of Esther
Esther with all her beauty and glamor allowed to be humbled by the very nature of her character
A character we all revere but less willing to adopt, all we like sheep have gone astray like the song suggests.
The struggle to inspire the sons with a faith like no other demonstrated in the times of Abraham
The father of all nations looked beyond reality in the face is distress and choose to do what one would describe in the sense of crazy

We are not defined by what we read in the magazines, much less what we see in the media, it’s all but a fantasy wrapped in neat lie.
That Beauty that flows from within holds a far greater impact on the lives of our spheres
Confidence is not built with a charm, it’s not secret or a split second moment
It’s a pile of truth enshrined in the very nature of Jesus, passed down to generations
Portrayed in the living standards, upheld by what we die for, downgraded by the enemy
Effective as a tool that affects the nature of our thinking, we struggle to reason with reality
The truth of the matter simply told is not that we live on our terms but rather based on his terms
Looking at in the mirror everyday confident of the identity we possess, greatness is destined to reign.


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