To The #Mothers of This World!! You Rock

Today seems to be one of those days when the world feels like it’s worthy to celebrate mothers of this world and just like it’s always done, everyone finds it in their best interest to say something about those they consider as the mothers of their lives, which is a very important practice to do for anyone in their right senses, However am one of those that feel like just putting aide one day to celebrate mothers doesn’t feel right, It should be done every day because we can’t put away the facts that this species of humans is simply too important to celebrate once a year.

Therefore in my quest to call for a daily celebration of our dear mothers, I have put together my reasons below and if you agree with me,feel free to comment and let’s get the mothers a celebration they deserve and maybe one day we shall live to remember that this was a worthy cause that left a mark on this world, Okay away from all the word play, please read on..

In his great artistic magnificence, God foretold a time
A time when the world would see in abundance of the heart
A time all would marvel at the beauty of his created nature
The world stood in awe of the wonders that had befell their imagination
Heaven anointed the earth with an innate ability like non before time
Far and wide did the splendor unfold that it couldn’t just be kept a secret, it became a public secret

Time came for the wonders of creation to unravel the mystery of creation
We are co-creators with God, so the Bible says, but this was not just co-creator
It surpassed the very nature of creation, covered in Love with unashamed motives
Days and weeks counting to see that the creation is brought to life, a life in this fallen world
Months and years the world is yet to see what a beauty lies beneath their strength
Humbled by the grace of spirit, the pain is endured only but a small touch of courage is all that remains

Even when the world seemed to reject the facts that something was not right
We choose not to understand that it was more than just a feeling
More than just a thought provoking occurrence, this was a time to live on forever
Celebrated for their greatness only to feel the void of the past once in a blue moon
The legacy creeps in the crevices of our minds but we choose to shut out the inevitable
We long for companionship only to ignore the groans of a fight we initiated
After all In his word our Father said “I will increase your trouble in pregnancy and your pain in giving Birth”

This should not just pass on like the wind; it shouldn’t be a day like any other
For all that passed through the care of her warmth, the tenderness of her warnings
We should be cheerful in giving our praises, lavish in admonishing our love and care
We accent to the fact that we have not been there even when we though we knew better
Come all who listen to the language of the heart, let us call for a blessing from heaven
We have listen with our ears but acted out of pride only to be brought back by her wisdom

There are days when I sit and think aloud if things were just a little bit different
Would there be a people in this world so kind hearted in spite of nature’s disfavour?
Would we be celebrating a day when their lives are only given a spot Light for a few hours?
Would there be so much love and beauty in this world, I listen to my heart as the answers seem obvious
It’s not about you or those you consider as part of your circle of a family
It about all the greatness that lies in the very nature of a mother and each day is a day to celebrate this greatness


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