Screaming For Attention!!

In a world where everything seems to be screaming for attention, many of us are tempted to yield to this calling and choose to give attention to all that crosses our path, we cannot deny the fact that the current generation has somehow managed to find ways of influencing our thoughts, speech, actions and even behavior. It doesn’t take so much effort to lead people to do whatever you want them to as long as you put your strategy right and make sure that word goes out efficiently with promise of a better of life that’s much worthy of living than what is currently available, by this I mean that provided the seller of the message offers a better deal or manages to manipulate those paying attention, then he has all that’s required to move on to another step.

As an ardent user of internet, I have found out that the initiators of social media actually know the weak points of our human minds which to play with so that we can find it very difficult to make use of social media and even further make part of what defines us, many find solutions to their problems there, others find a place to belong where diversity is celebrated and peoples differences don’t determine who you are, there’s so much importance accorded to just having a presence online and this is not bad provided we can acknowledge that this is not an ultimate solution to the problems in our lives, every morning when I wake up and all through the day, at night, I find myself constantly checking my Timeline on twitter for updates and just getting to know what’s trending online so that I can keep abreast with the latest trends.

A few months ago I decided to take a permanent leave from one of the social media sites because I discovered that it was doing more harm than good, at the start, I did it to prove a point that one can actually leave a normal life without the need to be on social media but now I know and believe that it was a lesson that God wanted me to learn, and I can’t say am done learning, there’s still much more to learn and at the end of the day my aim to spend much more time studying the word of God rather that Social networking.

I need us to understand that am not condemning the use of social media but am also not accepting to believe that life cannot be normal minus social media (This I just proved and am still doing more experiments). We complain that the world is so harsh on us and yet we know the solution to our problems but when we are challenged with spending more time with God (please don’t misunderstand my point) we find all sorts of excuses to justify our actions, recently I had the honor to listen to a spoken word about the so many excuses that Christians find in order to justify their actions, there’s so much misinterpretation of the Bible that sometimes I think God just looks down on us and weeps.

What you give your most attention and focus will most certainly define who you are and chances are high that you will look at your life’s worth based on what your source of attention prescribes, The devil is not sitting back watching from a distance, he is so creative that he devices means to drive our attention off what’s important and we find ourselves setting our eyes and trust on things very far from God’s word. We complain that there are a lot of false preachers out there and so many religions leading people astray but if we have failed to correctly understand God’s word then who is to blame, if your knowledge of God’s word is very weak then most likely you will accept whatever is thrown at you even when it’s very far from the word, there’s nothing so a shaming like a Christian being misled on the basis of misinterpretation of the word.

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ (2 Time 10:17 NIV).

This verse is so direct and from this If you have not found this post important just pick one thing and that is, If you choose to focus of God’s word then you will begin to see that life is not that hard but if you still continue to put your focus on something to the contrary them I can boldly say things will not be as good, for those that are willing to join me on this wonderful and adventurous journey of discovery, God’s grace is sufficient and he loves you enough that the door is wide open so just get yourself in and let’s walk , talk and spread the message of his love


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