When I was First Loved

When I Was first Loved
My heart crossed in an effort to trespass through to the soul
I could not find the reasons why my mind failed to reason with my heart
There was a strong endearment to move but my feet struggled to withstand
The force that launched out of the cloud emerged as the only lining visible to my eye
Centred on right believing I sought to wonder why this love had befallen me
Armed with the word I acknowledged the voice that lay in the mist of my feelings

When I was first loved
It possessed my spirit like a deadly drug longing to devour its detractors
I couldn’t hold my breath for moments past but my hands survived to tell the story
If only heaven were as near I would consider an application for a QA session
But my conscience denied me the opportunity to wish for a moment’s peace of mind
Even with the strength assumed to be held in all men, mine was long gone at first sight
I could imagine my body finding its way through the darkness with only a speak of light fading at a distance

When I was First Loved
You may wonder what it is that I discovered even when my mind seemed to play games
You may consider that I was what the my learned friends like to call a fantasy
A fantasy is one believed only when the one who believes finds less trust in the maker
The maker given his innate ability appointed this time back when I was still in the waters
The waters beheld all my resistance to allow for a miracle foretold by my ancestors to occur
A miracle that was predestined to bring forth a desire and a longing to see the light in a dark world

When I was first loved
Growing in the riches of this love I found a peace from a restless desire to win
I was led me through a journey of a thousand miles compressed down to an hour’s piece of work
Not like any other kind of love, this made my heart to smile even when all the odds were set against me
This love one step at a time unearthed the rot in me but covered me with a glowing sense of purity
I may not be a good dancer or singer, in fact I know am not but with this kind of love, dancing and singing come flowing like nature to me
Fear has been led to where it belongs and Faith has grown to uncover the mysteries of the future
I am dwelling in the confidence that this kind of love is one to be broken only by non
I am talking about the love of GOD…


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