So You Think You Are A Better Leader

iStock_000007320959Small (2)Often times, many of us have found ourselves in situations where we think we could have done a better job than those in positions of authority, I would be a great liar if I denied the fact that on a number of occasions I have made it a point to criticize my leaders even at the lowest of levels, my personality doesn’t augur well with many of those around me because I find it very difficult to believe that things can be perfect, my mind is always at war with the acceptance of things just as they are, according to me, there’s always room for improvement.

This is not a personality that I chose to adopt but rather it chose me (At least that’s what I choose to believe) . I don’t consider myself well-schooled on the subject leadership and I also believe that there’s no academy that can without a shadow of doubt present it’s self as an authority on this subject therefore my opinion on the subject stems from a rather small area of expertise but sufficient enough to form an acceptable opinion.

In Uganda today, we have a lot of issues with the leaders in the government due to so many reasons which are all over national and international media, these issues are not just unique to Uganda but they are shared across the continent or rather the world and so based on these, those that are in the business of influencing public opinion have made it their agenda to attempt to suggest better solutions to these issues.

On many occasions the president has been labeled with different names to reflect his failure to steer the country in the right direction, his cabinet and party members have also not been spared by the Intellectuals that seem to offer a better management strategy for the country, as earlier stated, I have also contributed to this cause enormously whenever I have the opportunity

For the past few months, I have reflected on this statement “Spectators are the best players” For someone that’s not a fun of sports, this would make no sense but none the less, if this is applied to leadership, it simply means that the “Subjects are the best leaders” If you still don’t understand, it literally means that when you are a leader, your subjects can be the best leaders for they feel they can do the job better.

We need to be very careful not to get carried away when delivering criticism especially to our leaders.. God knows these guys have sleepless nights planning scratching their heads to find answers to the country’s challenges, we need to move away from the whole act of attempting to prove a point to the public and focus more on individually managing the flaws the we have before we can start pointing out the flaws in our leaders.

Imagine a situation where each one of us focused to making ourselves better leaders on a personal level and then collectively complement each other in the individual areas of weakness that would create a chain of well lead individuals leaving no room for “Bad” leadership or the assumption that one can do better than the other at a particular activity.

Just today I was reading an article in the papers about the recent changes by The curriculum development centre in the Lower secondary curriculum and in his speech, one of the officials pointed out that everything can be learned, even when one is not talented in a particular area, with adequate training and commitment they can learn, In light of this, even as leaders are going about their business of leadership, they are in the process of learning which we should respect and not expect them to be experts within a few months or years.. It’s a process that is constantly undergoing changes.

I there urge those that find it hard not to criticize everything to be very careful when criticizing our dear leaders however this doesn’t mean that we start throwing praises where they are not due, in which ever way you decide to interpret my point if at all you think there’s a point, I would appreciate further discussion on the subject until we can come to a reasonable consensus.


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