New Beginnings

new-beginnings_t_nvIn the cradle of my despair I search for solitude
I crave for a peace that can only manifest out of my will
I walk along the path created to fail my journey to the end
I am tested in my honour, tried in my knowledge, tempted in my slumber
Even with the greatness found in the joy of allowing for a drop of success
I cannot understand how my hopes find their way out of my heart
I fail to grasp the idea of how given my knowledge am under captivity

Along the way my mind wonders in line with that which I found to fear
Lurking in the past, the present is obscured and the future lies far in the shadows
The moment I have waited presents a golden opportunity to grant me my wishes
Like a burning bush, the mind desires a passion that burns the reality out of shape
Flowering in the blossom, the beauty signifies an only charm never found before
Reality lives past the visions of the owners even when it seems to be unheard of

Lured by the sweet smelling aroma of the blessing, I match past my head
Powered out of my senses, I live to attest to the challenges we long to outlive
Sheltered by my insecurity, I mock at the death manifested even in life at the present
Outnumbered by my enemies I allow for a small but rather harmful tear to drop
Defeated by my talent as in memory of how I found myself in enemy territory
Discovered in the midst of a new beginning, I embark on a chapter never seen before

Thanks to the year believed to have become destined by my maker
I am longing for a time when the truth shall accept to be revealed among even the darkest of all places
Death and Life strive to take on the challenge of renewing my strength
I find that all but none of those I though know what lies within can seem to see through my eyes
I have lived and loved to see how loud the voices of despair have found a home in my heart
My will to live is overtaken by my will to die to the thoughts of my past and to the life in my future
Out of all that there’s my maker stands as the cornerstone of the journey
The one I have found, hidden In the caves but scattered out of sight
I begin this journey confident in my love and passion to live out of my reach


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