Counting Them, One By One

imagination_by_archannCounting them one by one, the numbers create a flawless facade
The greatest of all is unseen in the lowest of deeds
In the state of his glory she sees an abounding Joy
Out of the splatter of his spit, my Meal is without collection
Graded by the past and wronged by the future, he groans at the present
Ready for the fight, the battle rages in the courts of the mind
She reveals a glow, none but the unseen foretold to be shinning in the dark
Waiting and wanting to be heard, silenced by the echo of despair

Like the mark of the beast, we await in the moment
Challenged by the spirit that we uphold, the shouts acclaim to the reality
Anointed by the giver, we realize the potential announced with a touch
Created for a purpose, she untells the wrongs of the maker past the winds that be
Rejected by the womb that gladdened her being, she marvels at the beauty of the gaze
Inherited by her admirers, her character precedes her glory
Infected by the pangs of agony, his heart finds a place among that which she toppled

I cannot with reason acclaim to have found that which I search
By the mark that was seen in images cherished by my eyes, I see a pattern
Counting them one by one, the angels guide my depart to a land in the unknown
Counting them one by one, there seems to be a riddle out of her smile
Counting them one by one, I can only bow down in respect undeserved
Counting them one by one, they arrange a thin expression of a deeper understanding

They were told that she would rise to be challenged by their voices
She was assured that they would reclaim a part she acknowledged to have lost
Out of the purest of all, she saw a wave of nothingness
Out of the darkest of all, she created a light of brilliance
Out of the weakest of all, she enjoyed a comfort of Strength with a touch of courage
Out of the meekest of all, she mocks at the scorns of her pride
In a split second, I come to realize that all was lost and found in my thoughts unwavering


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