Let It Shine

Disney-Channel-Let-It-Shine-2-Sequel-MovieSo this post was meant to find it’s way online in 2013 but somehow along the way I got so lazy and it had to cross to the new year. Good news is that it’s now complete and ready for public consumption so let’s get started.

If there ‘s one principle that I’ve learnt to train myself in, it’s the discipline of watching and listening to things that add value to my life, so many of us (Including me before I saw the light) have a tendency to feed on whatever “Junk” the media feeds us on and on many occasions we never pay that much attention to realize that we actually don’t need to watch everything.

If we are careful enough, we can learn to filter out the less important stuff that are of no value and only allow the valuable to influence us, it goes without mention that as a Christian I will in all ways have to get to a level where I examine all aspects of what I listen to or watch in terms of Phillipians 4:8 “….whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Progressively, what we watch and listen to, will yield to our thoughts so we have to intentionally choose wisely.

Okay, I’ve developed a habit of writing about some of the movies I watch and learn a lot from and from my past blog posts, it has become part of practice, if at all you find it “un-cool” then you can as well stop right here because the rest of this post is basically about the most recent movie I watched and it left me thinking a lot and ultimately writing a lot
Let It Shine is a 2012 musical television film. It tells a story of a young hip-hop hopeful from Atlanta, Georgia as he fights to keep his dreams from slipping though his fingers when his best friend takes the credit for all of his creativity, and the girl he loves starts to fall for the wrong guy in this contemporary take on the tale of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Cyrus DeBarge (Tyler James Williams) is a talented young lyricist who should be up on the stage instead of bussing tables. But his father (Courtney B. Vance) fals to see the value in hip-hop, and without the confidence to face the crowd, Cyrus’ talent will never truly shine.
When Cyrus and his best friend Kris (Trevor Jackson) learn that their old friend Roxie (Coco Jones) is sponsoring a major songwriting contest, Cyrus dubs himself “Truth” and filters his feelings for Roxie into a rhyme that takes the top prize.

But there’s a catch; Kris has been credited as the lyricist, and to make matters worse, smitten Roxie is none the wiser. Later, as the girl he loves starts to slip away and Kris refuses to give up the charade, Cyrus realizes that the time has come to stand up, let the truth be known, and take his one shot at stardom.
Personally, I see 3 key lessons from this movie that I believe when clearly understood, would have a great bearing on the way we live a lives

Lesson #1:All music is organized sound irrespective of the genre
In most of the churches we grew up in, it’s an abomination to even think about any music genre aprt from that traditional hyms that have been at the center of the early church and many our elders have found themselves condemning any kind of music that doesn’t rhythm with the hyms..by this am mainly talking about Hip Hop which even the modern age has been associated with violence especially in Africa’s setting.

In my heonest opinion and that learnt from the movie, it doeasnt matter the genre of music, but rather the message that the music portrays, if it’s about violence them to hell with it but if it’s foucuss is on the values of chriatian living i.e love, Joy, peace, then we should embrace it. I remember of a time in high school when a DVD was released and it was manily condemning hiphop music as not allowed in the kingdom of God and many youth blindly followed this doctrine the baisis of which had no Biblical proof at all but the clever way in which all the items were put together, one would wonder if there was any deceit in it. In the movie, we see a pastor that for most of his sermons he focused on condemnation of the music until he finally looked at the lyrics and appreciated the value in the music.

I would at this point encourage all that are reading this to always examine the lyrics of what they sing and not just singing things because the rhythm is good or danceable to.

Lesson #2 : Make good use of the talents God has bestowed upon you.
One of the questions I’ve always asked myself is whether God actually gave me any talent at all and I can truly confess that it has taken me years of discovery to finally settle down to make use of God’s gift to me, through the many years I’ve lived(yes…Many) I tried all sorts of things that qualify as talents but in all of them, it was all in vain since I never excelled at all and at the end of the day I was always left defeated instead.

This was because I was looking for particular talents that seemed fashionable and nice to be associated with but thank God just a few years ago I discovered that am gifted mostly with writing, I find it much easier to write down my thoughts that to speak them out and this has also come with its rewards. That aside, from the movie, I can perfectly relate with the lyrics and the way they were formulated by Cyrus.. You see with writing, it’s very easy to put one’s feelings down on paper and then read them aloud instead of the other way round.

If you appreciated the value of poetry, then you understand what I mean but if you don’t, then I would strongly suggest that you take some time and get a few poetry lines to start with, you will get to see how rewarding it is when we play around with words just to make a point. In the movie, there was more focus on the lyrics than the way they were delivered and the moment Cyrus realized this power, he wrote a song that forever changed his life.

To bring the lesson into context, we need to focus on sharpening our skills in what we are blessed with, many are the times when the critics will tear you down with their opinions and you may be tempted to cave in and move on but the truth of the matter is, the critics will help you make your talent better. Am always thankful when someone gives credit where it’s due and corrects me where am wrong, this can only be effective if the opinions are honest and unbiased so be careful not to fall prey to those with other intentions.

We are all here to learn, only challenge is whether you willing to learn or to teach!!!

Lesson #3 Don’t let someone snatch your heart beat from you.

If there’s one thing that hurts a lot, it’s to watch someone take away a girl/guy you love so much and there seems to be nothing you can do about it or there is something but you are just too scared to confront the reality. In th movie it’s very clear that Cyrus let Kris use his looks to win over the girl that he really loved and yet the story was very different but just because of what I think was phobia, Cyrus was about to watch it all slip away from the palm of his hands in the name of friendship.

This is not a topic I normally want to write a lot about because I find my knowledge on the subject intellectually limited due to lack of experience, I therefore prefer to use general knowledge which only means I must stop at the surface but the main point is that if you really like someone just let them know before someone else does it on your behalf and takes advantage of your fear.

P.S By “Heart Beat” I mean someone you love.



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