The Amusings of The Heart

urlRooted in deceit, the cradle is held high above the stars
Exalted with delight, she endures the spite of shame
The loosely scented smell of success fears past the entrance to the heart
She can only stumble at the feet of the maker in the wait of agony
Created to last but entrusted with yoke to destroy what lies in the dust
Split into piece by piece they scatter to the grave and non can see the light
Anointed with a gift for the unseen, the cry peers into the soul

Rooted in deceit, the strength lies below the waters
In the moment of defeat, the celebration is reversed to the days it was told
Centered on the truth, a purpose to live, a life to fore go and a destiny to relent
The mornings have gone when the tide is clear, night falls when the oceans depart
She pounds to the bottom of the mind in search of one that she can call her own
Departed without a sign, a ravishing touch she accords them that see In her
Out of the many that present a choice to plunder, the yield is extracted with force

Rooted in deceit, the creation joys to the drums of her memories
The master piece enchanted by the natives of her land by which she made to live
Entrusted with the mastery of her rivals, we encounter that for which we feared most
Even with a wave of desperation, the storms flood nature’s abundant charms
If you look beyond her face, she appears with glistening wonder unimagined
if you hear without a tone of disbelief, her voice is set on the pitch with abundance
The amusings of the heart cannot be left to choose, we can only allow our minds
To enjoy the piece that allows our hearts to falter.


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