Life Lessons from The Movie “The Internship”


So today I got a chance to watch this very interesting movie “The internship” directed by Shawn Levy with a complete set of humor delivered by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as the main actors. Just as the name would suggest, the story is no so main stream to attract a lot of attention, but the fact that the movie had Google written all over it probably highlights its out of the ordinary setting which enticed me to watch, Ohh! And there is one un-interestingly “half nude” “nude” or whatever you want to call it scene that didn’t inspire any moral sense to me, otherwise the whole Google setting was awesome and am sure Google must have had an upper hand in the direction and setting of the movie (Am not so sure about this claim you may probably want to Google it just to be accurate). Given the number of times I have mentioned the word “Google” it may appear as though am about to blog about that overwhelmingly famous search engine which by the way has helped most of us when it comes to assignments and course work but NO the point in this late night post is on just a small aspect of the movie.

This a snap shot of the wiered team as they prepared for a sports game challenge
This a snap shot of the wiered team as they prepared for a sports game challenge

Before I begin, let me briefly set the scene for those that have not watched this movie, It begins with two guys that are trying to make a living by selling watches but then the business goes bad and they are jobless so one of the guys gets creative and goes online to find a job, a quest that lands them on an interview for summer internship at Google and surprisingly they pass the interview, okay not pass like they were qualified but someone on the panel thought they should give them a chance. So they went on to do their internship and were teamed up with a bunch of other wired guys and a girl, forgot to mention that these two guys were actually older than all the other interns and being old from the 70’s as the movie puts it has its downside when it comes to being technologically literate( The level understanding one has about current technology trends especially the internet ) Don’t look this up because it may not exist… As the story goes on, the teams are given challenges and for purposes of this post I will choose to refer to the “main actors’ team” as “ Team wiered” Okay!! Team wired is up against other teams but most importantly against a team made up of very sharp guys with fresh minds buzzing with ideas blab blah blah… Story ends with Team wired winning and getting permanent positions at Google. I have skipped a lot of the juicy details so go get the movie and watch for a better understanding I believe now we can draw a mental picture of this scenario.

Being a computer science student in this generation basically means one is assumed to love programming and can comfortably spend most time in front of the computer writing codes to prove to the world that computers are run by very complex instructions that are written in some form of language. This is just an assumption but truthfully, on ground the case is very different and you would be surprised by the contrasting picture. I am pursuing a Bachelors in computer science so I can fairly say that I have a enough knowledge on the subject which is reason enough for me to talk about it but for now I will dwell less on the course and more on the subject matter. Don’t worry about the connection between this and the movie I was talking about, it’s there.. just read on. In the world we live in today, there is so much competition that survival has much less to do with individual conventional skills but rather how well one is able to adapt to change and creatively use their minds to solve problems as a team, we are all good at some aspect of life be it a sport, hobby, academic discipline e.t.c and the fact that we are all different makes it more interesting which brings me to the main point of this post. As a computer scientist it’s natural to assume that

I would be good at programming which admittedly am not even close to being good at but there is someone out there good at it and all they need is another one to complement them in an area they are not good at. In the movie, team wired had two old guys that were from the past(Old) and these guys were basically good at selling but the other members on the team were tech savvy, as a team they were able to work around those differences and get their act together as a TEAM much as they were different in age, intelligence, academic background. Personally am not so good at team work simply because I feel that in many cases one is forced to drag themselves just so that other members on the team can catch up but in the past few days I have learnt a life lesson that “ We cannot independently satisfy our needs if we can’t appreciate the contributions of others” Small a it may appear, the wisdom and skills each particular member on the team brings on board is equally important and the sooner we realize this the better this world will be.

In summary, what am trying to point out is that for anyone of us to be successful in any given area of life, we must understand that none of us is perfect and so we must adopt an attitude of learning from each other and appreciating each other’s differences, only then can be genuine Outliars (Yes I’ve read that book by Malcolm Gladwell)

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