A touch of Victory


Behold, a shadow is cast upon the throne,

As we wait, the unending pain bursts our spirit,

We can only see as far as the eyes can gaze,

The land afar is filled with an abundance of splendor,

It’s only the few that close in on the gladness awaiting

The love pours like a flood in a storm, washing all in it’s way


The tale of a victor’s story begins with a resounding tune

The fruits of a life well spent are birthed in the glory of the moment

We can hear and hardly feel the tempters call to assume our place,

He clears his way and begins the journey to a place called home

Clad in heartless garment, he ascends onto the highest place

Fearless and hopeless, we can only set our minds to the hills


Set out to fill our head with his plan, we trap our souls

Our mind is closed in where the heart lies; we give in to be led

His one foot set down, we aspire to humble ourselves at his mercy

We trust that our desire to renew the calling is put right by our deeds

Like a mountain top, we see from a distance the wonders beyond,

We set our steps in the direction of the path to a place unknown,

Covered with belief that he hears the smallest of the voices


Years in and out we cry out for a touch of victory,

The war is never ending even when the enemy lies but dead,

With confidence we carry on the mantle passed on by those in the past,

Shouting in the name of he who cares to leave a mark on all of his own

Sharing from a meal made for those whose death has been sealed

It’s out of our belief in the unseen that we head to end of our start

Prepare to acknowledge the power of a force so weak to our poor spirits




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