To The August Babies

floral_sheetAm not so sure if this would rhyme that well , I think it sound better and gives more meaning if it’s in spoken word so as I write, I will say the words out loud and try as much as I can to add the corresponding actions, are you ready!! Let’s begin..

Caution: Don’t give up along the way, just read on, if it boors you, am sorry but if you enjoy it and you are an August Baby, then am glad you were here.

It’s not everyday that you get that you are chanced to meet an August baby,
Think of this as one of those rare moments the world has blessed you with,
Take a step of faith and let your thoughts wonder to the focus,
There’s one out there that’s waiting for you to notice their presence
Be glad that out of their friendship the world saw a miracle,
A miracle beyond just words, it goes as far as the imagination finds,
When you look at the list, there’s many but few are visible,

On that very day that the sun came up, the mood hid it’s face,
Not only was their joy full of glory, but tears brought with it,
A splendid day it was for out there was history in the making,
If it could be told in words, the words can’t be refined,
If it could be recollected in a movie, the directors are still unborn,
If I could just piece the pieces in an instant, magic would happen,
Holding onto that which they formed, the one in which greatness was written.

Humbled in the silence like a new born baby awaiting to cry,
Watching from the sidelines, the scene is set and tuned to them,
Rivers and mountains, streams and deserts, all alike have been traversed,
Not a shadow of doubt was cast to the light of the future,
Brightness only could find its place in the eyes of the maker,
He with the power to do that, which we find to be not of man,
The days are matched with foot steps of the journey,
A journey started with an end towards the day of his departure

Come let’s join in the dance of the morning,
Come let’s visit the home of him, who thought wise,
Come let’s answer to the cries of the voice of honor,
Come let’s celebrate the Birth of a grand entry in this foreign land,
It was written and foretold the she would be among the stars,
He didn’t have to choose but all was clear as the waters,
In that instant, he found his way and marked a name in his hands
We can only choose to believe that it’s a blessing,
One that comes to only those who found their path,
Not in the first 7 of the months but one that comes after,
In that month, we found our way and we were called,
We were marked by the name “August Babies”


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