20 years later, Lessons Learnt

Balloon_21st_birthday_starSo 20 years ago through the efforts of my amazing mother..and of course my dad I was brought into this world, am not sure what the day was on that day but one thing am sure of is that it was not raining and famine had not yet hit the land, in other wards, culturally speaking it was a day when God has smiled upon my Family.

The images of childhood are not so clear in my head, I can only reconstruct the pictures from the stories am told and the most outstanding stores are those that point to my being very stubborn which is from the many scars on my body cannot be just made up stories, I was burnt 4 times, knocked down by a speeding bike once and every time an accident occurred, I would be asked how many chances I have left before I start paying attention innocently I would give myself like 3 chances and after the fourth accident, that was it, I told my dad that this was the final one..It actually was because after that, I think my brain was mature enough to learn to be more careful.

So probably that’s the only part of my childhood that was full of fun in a not so bad way, fast forward to 2012, now that year was one of the most challenging but in a good way considering that I learn so many lessons in every area of my life, These lessons I believe with continue to impact my life and those around me, if you are one of them, then you may need to pay more attention to the next paragraph. Every day we get to live should be an opportunity to learn something, it may not be very significant according to the world’s standards, but it does matter if only you could take a moment when the day ends and you recollect all the days events.
In the next paragraphs, I will attempt to highlight some of the lessons I’ve learnt in the past 20 years.

There’s much more to life than just living
For those that believe in God or even those that have a sense of spirituality, we know that there’s something greater that we look up to and that gives us a reason to live because we know that somewhere up there’s a big guy who cares for us, even though we may not have physical evidence, somehow we believe that he is always watching. In my 20th year, I’ve discovered that that the more we focus not on our selves, the better we appreciate the beauty in other..now here I don’t mean the physical beauty, but rather the beauty you discover when you get to know someone more and learn what their heart is made of, if it’s stone, then you will know. This lesson I got learn through reading more of the Bible and understanding the character of Jesus and how he lived (Not that am a Bible scholar, it’s just elementary knowledge)
Through fellowship and Cell, I got to first hand experience the meaning of belonging and sharing, gosh!!! If only I could demonstrated the meaning of fellowship, it’s that feeling you get when your whole family is complete and everyone is free to talk, joke, encourage, eat together, point basically is that there’s caring for each other and if you don’t belong to a fellowship group, then you are missing out here,go find one ASAP..

There’s lots of Wolves in Sheep skin
As we grow, we get to meet very many people along the way, some we like and get more interested in starting a friendship; others just remain in the acquaintance category, now those that we want to make our friends are the ones considered to be more worthy, in the many years I’ve lived(Yes..20 years are many) I have met many people of different characters, others I’ve unfortunately misjudged and they’ve turned out to be Wolves instead of sheep, for everyone that u’ve crossed paths with, there’s something they have to offer whether good or bad, it’s in our nature to desire to help even when the help may not be necessary so for this am not laboring to blame anyone.
One of the things I like doing is making friends but in my 20th year of making friends I discovered that this quality can in a way work against me and in fact it did work against me because I got lost in the maze trying to find my way out of the lives of the wolves I had invited into my life, no offense but some people will just drag all the happiness out of you as you spend time with them, so here the lessons I learnt is that before you decide to make someone your pal, be sure their qualities complement you and that you are very comfortable with that. It’s easy to be deceived by impressions so pay more attention and don’t pass a judgment instantly, give it time

What you spend your internet data on matters
It’s very interesting that we have been blessed to grow up in a generation where the internet is not as hard to get access to as used to be in the past. This means there’s more freedom to share information, social network, blog and do all sorts of things done online, and most of our elders have realized that the only way to help is probably help us be online more that trying to stop us.
Using the internet is so cool and whoever doesn’t is not in this century but it does make more sense of what you are doing online actually adds more value to your life and it’s not the other way round where the internet controls how you think, what you do. The more time you spend online, the more you tend to depend so much on what it has to offer..Something like a craving.
I fairly spend a lot of time on the internet but in the recent past, I’ve come to understand that most what am doing online doesn’t add so much value to my life, by that I mean virtually social networking all through and not finding time to build real relationships, there’s so much the internet can do such as the one thing I love doing(Blogging). Am sure my writing is not that good but non the less,

“What counts is the effort”

The lesson learnt here has been that we need to find ways of controlling our social networking habits. Since I discovered the time I used to spend on social networking way way more than was required, I’ve worked on ways to reduce this and ehhh!! It’s been an amazing journey in such a way that I have alot of time to do other things one of which is writing.
Just as I write this blog, a friend of mine is looking for a Birthday present to give me and the best place they want to search is Google which is not bad but seriously!! Are we going to be slaves to the internet that we can’t think for ourselves?
Spend more time off the internet and replace that time with a hobby (Hope internet surfing isn’t your hobby). This will greatly improve your creativity.

There is much more i’ve learn but for the purpose of not writing so much for you to digest, I would like to stop here and hope to add more this time next year.

Finally I would like to drop a few lines of a poem In my next post so if you are an August Baby, let’s go and do some poetry fun…


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