Can Soldiers Love Their Enemies!!!

In one of my favorite songs by Toby Mac “City on Our Knees”, the chorus reads;
Tonight’s the night
For the sinners and the saints
Two world collide in a beautiful display
It’s all love tonight
When we step across the line
We sail across the sea
To a city with one king
A city on our knees

From the song, it’s interesting to note that meeting point of believers and non-believers is as cool as a beautiful display and yet when we look at the reality in this world, there’s so much hatred between the two worlds, We so commonly want to remind ourselves that darkness and light cannot meet but one thing we always forget is that it’s in many cases not about what you think of the other person but rather what God thinks about them, If we could only look at the lives of other people from different perspective and quit being judgmental. In fact from conventional thinking, what Toby Mac is talking about is close to impossible, the possibility of it happening would only come to pass if we change our thinking and conduct, it’s all starts from our heads because the power our thoughts have over the actions we make is very important.

Mathew 5:43-47 says “You have heard it was said “Love your friends, hate your enemies.” But now I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…..Why should God reward you if you love only the people who love you?…..And if you speak only to your friends, have you done anything out of the ordinary?

Even the pagans do that!
This is one of my favorite verses that clearly brings into perspective the whole idea of Love, though I must also confess that its extremely difficult to put onto practice, I mean..honestly we live in a world full of all the wrong things, wars, fights and people who just hate themselves so much that hate just spreads like a wild fire to those around them yet in this verse we are supposed to actually love them the same way God loved us in (John 3:16). Its easier to show love to those that show us love in return like our family members, friends, church members but it’s a whole different thing when it comes to loving someone that’s just doing the opposite, this is why I find it even harder to tell a soldier something like this coz they would in that instant think that you are either crazy or the enemy has sent you. But one thing I know is that we are not alone in this struggle.

I could go on and write but if I don’t make it a point to bring it down to reality, then it’s probably just another blog post, so I would like to introduce to you a simple story of a gentleman I know, here goes
There once live a boy called Patrick in Uganda, a small country in Africa, this Boy was born in a Christian family and he got an opportunity to get saved at a young age of about 15 years, a time when he was in his teens and life was just beginning to get interesting, Patrick’s getting born again meant that there were some things he had to do away with and so were some friends he had to let go because they just couldn’t hang out with a “savedee” as they called it in those days so Patrick had a problem adjusting to the new situation and he struggled finding it in his heard to unconditionally love those around him irrespective of what they believed or if they even believed at all and this constant struggle made life really hard coz it was easier to just ignore and choose to hate rather than Love. It was after many years of understanding the Biblical concept of love that all this resentment found its way out of his heart.

Mark 12:31 clearly brings into context the idea that even God realized that the 2nd most important commandment is that of Love, and not just any love but that unconditional love even for our enemies and unbelievers, you can a great pastor, reverend or even a member to a powerful ministry and you can quote the Bible inside out but if there’s no love in all that you are doing, it counts to nothing, we cannot begin to look for example of Love from our simple human kind but there’s one example, the best example, that is Christ, if you are looking for lessons on how to love, Just take time and study the many ways through which Christ expressed his love, then you will be sure to understand the simple but hard to practice principle of Love.

There are so many opportunities around us through which we can show love, not just through charity but even our past friends that have hurt us and we just find it hard to let go, Forgiveness is one great way to express love and in a good way, this reduces the load on us and gives us a relief, take time and think about that friend that really needs your love, it may be the only thing that will prompt them to love you back, There’s this wonderful movie “The Grace Card” starring Micheal Joiner, after watching the movie, my eyes were opened to the reality that all the people that God lets cross our path are important and an opportunity for him to manifest his love through us unto them, my prayer is that as you live your life on earth, you will make LOVE your greatest mission for with this, the rest just come automatically.
Below are some more verses that teach about love and I hope with further reading you will understand what I mean, the journey of Love is not a simple one and doesn’t come instantly, it’s a daily struggle that takes a lifetime and as I also continue to learn more about the subject, am confident that someone out there will join me on this great journey so that together we shall love one another one soul at a time.

1Corinthians 13:4-8, Romans 5:8, Romans 8:37, Galatians 2:20, 1John 3:1, Romans 13:8, Galatians 5:13, 1Peter 1:22, Mathew 5:43, Mark 12;28 John 15:9
Now you can answer the question paused in the title of the post depending on whether or not you agree with me..


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