Form The Comfort of Thy Heart

Listening from the comfort of thy heart,
He hears a small voice calling out for help,
Even when it appears to be fading away,
The strength that lies within the comfort keeps it together,
He longs for a that moment of truth,
From the inside he prepares the renewal of his contract,
As we gather, he clears the air for that which we are to do

Listening form the comfort of thy heart,
He sees a need for a perfect redemption,
It’s only a matter of time before the tide is unsettled,
Even when the weakness of the mind seems to prevail
He holds the key to the only but one untiring Love,
Our past clings onto the present to keep us from the truth,
As we lay our tools for the next day, he sweeps the ground of dirt,

Listening from the comforts of thy heart,
He smells a craving for that only joy,
Joy that comes not with a smile but a broken spirit,
A spirit so dark that it can only find light in the peril of light,
Browsed and hurting we stumble to ruins of our needs,
He treats with great respect the humility in the surrender,
Close to the day of last, the sweetness of depart calls on its fate

Listening from the comforts of thy heart,
He touches that wounded soul,
In that one moment, the souls searches for a belonging
Men can manage just a mountain, but he glides even further,
Tumbling down the slope, he meets with great resistance,
Cheers to the one whose heart finds his touch quenching,
All that remains is for a peace to keep up with the storm,
If only the needy could find a path for this presents the needed,
Sure as we are about the business of the sun so should we about his presence,
Take a moment and organize our thoughts and our hearts will be at peace.


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