Unto The Clouds

Look unto the clouds, there’s message,
One that only comes to those with the willingness,
A voice sounds but only heard by a few that have the courage,
The darkness shadows in the way, but there’s light along the path,
In the wake, a hand is raised to signal a new dawn,
The names are called, the harvest is ripe and the market is ready,
Over the waters, through the bushes, there’s one but many signs.

Look unto the clouds, there’s a reward,
When the fruit’s ready, its only nature’s reward,
If only there could be a response, the doors would open,
Not all could handle the pressure; it’s only the unfaint that poses,
Clouded in fear, we feed our minds with that, which we cannot control,
Pride lingers on as we seem to have all it takes,
It’s no longer about the reward but rather what in exchange we give.

Look unto the clouds, there’s a hope,
A few steps from the start, it’s a journey,
Only taken by those whose hearts are at peace with themselves,
The Baggage is not that which is common to us,
It’s a kind when shade in light points to the wrong turn
Much as the destination is known, the route is haunted,
Not by darkness but a fear for what lies in the bottom,

Look unto the clouds, its shinning,
When the sun comes up, the dark crawls into its hiding,
The scenes recorded by the moon make their mark on the land,
The night skies are so beautiful, too much for the stars to conceal,
Even the coldness cannot find its place among that which remains to be seen,
The warm breeze ignites a hope forever to remain
Abounding love outshines all that’s left of the sorrows,
No matter the color of the cloud, there will always be someone watching,


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