Blowing Hot and Cold

Its interesting  how we all labor to gain that most prestigious position of being popular in our community be it in school, home and the work place.The journey to attain popularity is not one easy one, but for most of us, there been a few points to note if a shortcut is what you probably need.

While in High school, I struggled to understand how some of my Friends reasoned when it came to matters of popularity, i watched as many of them had to do unimaginable things just so they could be accepted as belonging to a certain class of people that somehow attracted alot of attention for the things they did.There was a certain dress code,type of music or walking style that was acceptable in such a clique and on the surface, it was all glittery.

I have always said this and i believe it will remain relevant no matter the circumstance:

If you don’t know what you want, you will always accept whatever is thrown at you.

In life we make choices based on different factors, in all we do, we do an evaluation to see whether the next move will yield positive results or otherwise, the choice to dress, appear or behave in a certain way is after doing an evaluation and we out to be prepared to live with the consequences in case there are any.

Look around all the friends you have, you will discover that there are those that despite the time you’ve spent as friends, you still can’t quite understand them that well. The reason for this is very simple, they have mastered the art of;

Blowing Hot and Cold.

Such a person will have no defined direction in what they do, they simply follow the wind irrespective of whether they are even supposed to be wherever they are at that time. Remeber people will mostly judge you for the way you behave and if they are not sure how you behave, its pretty clear that those who say they know who you are most probably lying.

Okay, now let me make my point before you give up on reading this. Imagine you were told to choose one color from White and Black, the condition is that you must choose one, however you can also decide to be sharp and mix up the colors so one will not be sure which color you actually picked, the only reason for this is so that one get’s the chance of tasting  what both colors have to offer, but this also comes with the disadvantage of this is that they will never get to enjoy all the advantages of one color since they are concentrating on mixing up the colors, Artistically, a mixture would produce something very nice but in the real sense, that wouldn’t be worthwhile in the long run.

To put this into context,there are people that assume they belong everywhere and want to fit in wherever there happens to space for an extra person, such people will always find it easy to settle for less as long as they get accepted and can camouflage very comfortably,this will not only affect commitment  but there will also be those times when the situation will be contradictory and that means they may fail to choose or it may be too late.

I have tried as much as possible not to be biased, but the whole rationale  of this post is that those who have made it a habit to play with God to stop it, one Sunday you go to church and the next Sunday you are doing what the church condemns, there’s this common habit i’ve observed at church(am not going to mention the name of the church).there are lots of youth that have made it a Place from where to go and meet(Read “looking,admiring and talking to beautiful Girls). For the girls, they mostly stop at looking while the sharp guys go further to approach, not that anything is wrong with this, but the time and place is not right,there’s lots of time to do this and many other places but definitely not in Church.  

Then there are those Church goers who also want to be part of the popular clique and so they find it hard to resist the urge to join in in case there’s any non church like activity(Am refraining from defining what a church worthy activity is). 

If you want to blow Hot, then so be it, and same applies to Blowing hot, the sooner you realize where you belong, the better, But if you want to waste your precious time, choose both and trust me you will end up not enjoying either.


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