Why Are You Even In School!!

Am not sure if there are many students or even any one at all that likes studying that much, buy studying, i mean attending lectures,taking notes, doing exams and basically any other activity that comes with the term “studying” . There could be a good number of reasons for this  but most importantly I’ve come to learn that there are some courses that appear to be boring, Yes.. I mean very boring to the point that every other lecture attended is one step towards a sleepy day, Now before you get all judgmental, there are some points i would like you to note,so just go ahead and read.

Ever since i learnt how to think, i have had dreams, so many of them, even now i still have them and they keep changing depending on the season or environment, some are unrealistic,others are close to realistic but they are still dreams according to the definition. Back in Highschool, about 5 years ago, i had a dream that someday i would be in a very big hospital as the head cardiologist, i had read all the inspirational books in that line..okay not all, but most of them, the likes of “GiftedHands,Think Big” i was determined to make one “heaven” of a doctor and i worked towards that by getting involved in most activities that involved treating and applying first Aid, i was also in charge of the students’ health..so in simple terms, i was a junior Doctor. I enjoyed those moments so much because of not only the lessons i learnt, but also the experience i gained from all that “Doctor” feeling. a year later, my grades kinda didn’t allow me pursue a dream  in the medical field, the grades were not all that bad, but somehow i opened my eyes wider and thought about the choice i was about to make so i reconsidered my options and soon realized that i had tried to live someone else’s dream so i left that path and headed to the field i later discovered i was meant to be in..You could guess the field but to save you the task, its the ICT field. 

My point here is that make sure in all you do, you are in line with your dreams, its very important because during that lecture that i called boring, if your dream is within line, then boring will be far from what you may think, you will enjoy every part of your studies no matter what time of the day it is(In Uganda, Afternoons are very Hot, not so cool a time to study). Even when things get harder, it still remains your dream and well.. not so easy to just give up your dream.

Then there is some thing called Passsion. According to wikipedia, its a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.So lets apply this to the dream you have. even withought all the necessary resources  the passion to do something is the basic force the will keep you going despite the challenges, i could name a number of people that have a story to tell on how their passions have changed this world, but that will require another post considering the length. 

I have interacted with many students that don’t even have the slightest idea as to why they are at school, all they say is that am just here to do a course and move on in life, then ask what their interests are and shockingly, their interests are very far from what they pursuing  the whole point according to them is doing any particular degree course as long as its accredited. This hurts me alot because these are the majority of students that go to university to study and their parents spend millions of shillings to fund their education. For the lucky ones, they gain interest during the course of study although its not a guarantee that this will be followed by the much needed passion. 

My second point here is that as we make choices of what we are to do, let’s be sure its actually what we want and not what society or parents have labelled as stylish or marketable. I find it hard to understand parents that have made a habit to dream for their children to the pint of forcing them to live a life which they(parents) might have dreamed of of when they were still young, in some cases, its the parents to blame for the wasted time and money on “un-interesting” courses that turn out to be boring. Parents and soon to be parents need to learn to study their children and understand where their passion is, then guide them(children) toward that direction.. Is that so hard to comprehend?? Guess i’ll get an answer in case any parent happens to read this.

That said, i’ve given 2 very detailed points to explain my statement and i will be very glad to be part of a generation that’s passionate about what they are doing and can proudly say that their studies are not boring even when some like me says they are but they must be ready to defend the choice since I’ve defended mine..


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