Lessons Away From Home

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We’ve all watched what they call reality shows..the likes of Big Brother. now imagine having your own small reality show of less than 6 people  the only difference is that you may not have that much or even any audience but at least there are some few people that are following closely whatever it is that you are doing. Naturally, I don’t believe reality shows teach us much other than how to pretend in front of cameras as the world is watching and am sure the makers of these shows had the same thoughts in mind when they decided to start reality shows.Leave alone the privacy issues, its all about the money and what the audience wants to watch. 

With that small into, am certain that the whole picture of reality shows has gotten into your mind and its from that background that my hostel life has/is being lived. Being at university or college as its sometimes called means that you are at a level where the level of Independence is very high and that only means that one has got to be responsible for every move they make whether good or bad depending on your definitions of good and Bad. Although i have had some experience of boarding school, things get much different when one gets to hostel.meanwhile for the sake of clarification, by hostel i mean a home away from home or that place where you stay(eat, sleep, spend most of your time) during the duration of study at university level.

Lesson 1.Good feeding is Essential.Good food is that kind of food that is real food like what you take back home, not these the juncky things like what we call Rolex(though i do love that one) and the “Kikomando”.this particular one has for a long time simplified the feeding life for many simply because of its simplicity and the fact that its cheap but the price to pay maybe very high especially if your stomach is not used to that kind of feeding. I remember the first 2 weeks in hostel, i had to fight a daily dose of stomach upsets as my body was getting used to the change in feeding and i learnt my lessons the hard way. the best way to do it is to look for that one place that sells good food that’s cheap and i know here the issue of money comes in so what you may need at least one good meal a day and then for the rest, you can balance it with a variety(Yes..I mean a balanced diet of Junk food)


Lesson 2.Make as many Friends as Possible. Okay this one may not go well with those that prefer to live a solitary life, a life that can never bring out what the world has to offer coz of the fact that one is always there alone with basically no one to share,talk, lough or talk to. Having friends is one sure way of having people that will always be there to listen no matter the content of the talk,There is also those times that you may need to be bailed out in case you run broke, your source of cash maybe unreachable at that moment or that time when you just want to hung out and have some fun,these are the people that will be your fun-mates. One point to note here is that your friends should be gender sensitive.This way, you will have an experience from both sides of the equation and its also important to be sure that your circle of friends are like minded in a sense that you are not forced to do things that are not in yo line of interests since its these poeple that you will be spending most of yo out and in classroom time with.
Depending on what criteria you use to determine friendship,there are different levels of friendship and any will work for you as long as you don’t abuse the terms and conditions(These you will have to naturally set up on a personal basis)

Lesson 3.Watch where your money Goes.I must first of all admit that managing finance at university level is not all that an easy task as it may sound.It requires a sense of discipline and the best way to do this is to work on a budget and for this, one has to train themselves and deny themselves some things that would be needed but are not unnecessary( am sure you can come up with a good list of those ones). Having a budget helps you understand what you are going to spend your money on and how much you are going to spend which in the long run allows proper planning. No matter how lttle the money may be, its very good to sit down and have a review of what you are going to spend on and watch for how far you can run on a particular budget as you consistently make adjustments. Its a habit that’s learnt overtime and takes alot of patience and practice to develop.Most of this may not be news to many but the truth of the matter is that for you to be able to run throughout the semester without running broke, you will need a budget be it in your head or paper, either way will work as long as you can keep a good memory for the former.

Lesson 4. Live your life. Much as its good to have friends in fact its suicidal not to have friends.We need to be sure that these friends know where they stop.Its advisable to build boundaries beyond which its illegal for someone else to be.This am saying because there an element of peer pressure that comes in especially the bad one.This will make you do lots of things that you may in the future look back and regret having done. Recently i was reading John Grisham’s Run Away Jury and in a nut shell, i learn alot about smoking and the whole addiction process that tobacco companies strive to achieve by hooking the youth and its much easier to learn the habit from that one friend whose character you admire or want to admire, transfer this concept to any other habit that there is, its much easier to learn it from a friend than from somewhere else. What i mean by “Live your Life” is that you should have your own personal principles that define who you are and no matter the circumstance, its no one should be in position to let you compromise those principles. They maybe Spiritual, Family, Academic. Irrespective of the category, the one thing you will need to protect dearly are those principles.

The lessons are very many but these 4 are what i consider as the most important ones that i have learn in the past four months away from home and i believe there are even more lessons to be learnt. I don’t know what your experince was or is and i know we all have different thoughts when it comes to such matters.God knows the world would be boring if we had the same thoughts so i would love to know what your expeience was or what your perpective is in as regards to life at university away from home


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