Each tear that drops brings forth a flood of sorrow
There is more than what the soul can take as the flood rises
The sea finds rest in the storms countlessly waving back and forth
I hear him cry out to be released from that painful bondage
The bondage whose magnitude can only increase with every passing moment.

It hurts to hears the tears drop from the deepest part of the heart
But only if she could notice and change her ways,All would rest in peace
She craves for a chance at the rewards of those that lived in the moment
The world awaits for opportunity to feel the depth of that embrace,that only one.

Even when the broken hearts are repaired, that only tear withholds her true colors,
Wish i could flip through the pages and find the perfect words to sermon the truth,
If i am wrong, i hope there is a time when the riches abundant in the drops may manifest.
If only we could discuss, the terms would base on the conditions,the conditions i only dictate
Take my heart, fill it with all that is dry and return it with nothing less than a humble tear.

I don’t know how, but there are times when my spirits fails the test of the tide,
As the tide rises, the soul gives in to the temptations to do the unthinkable,
That one and only tear hits the only part that can’t hold the strength of the fall.
The burden is lifted only when the heart finds its rest with less only tear’s worth of thought,
If only those that fore told a time of harvest would come and find this soul, lost in the world
The tears drop, one by one,the sounds are heard from afar, if only she could get just one chance at luck.


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