In The Distance

High above the line in the distance,greatness resides,
I see him coming to mark his own,
After all that there is to collect
My spirit lingers in the mist of gladness
I hunger for a reckoning with that one.

There is but 2 leaders to follow,i see them in the distance.
The one who is created for a lifetime of wisdom,
The one in whom trust beyond the reach of riches lies,
Its by the greatness we look for that we find that which we destroy
I collect my mind and run only to be gathered by that which i despise,
Follow and Follow for there’s more than where it came from

We consume our eyes with the works in the distance
The only words that come forth are those of spite,
Even when we seem to find our way there, the road’s marked with blood,
The road is only what our hearts can understand but its ways are unknown to many,
She hopes for a moment of truth, calls on her friends to come and rescue,
He cries for the Joy of his endearing love and passion.

In the distance, i feel her touch of grace,
Only when my heart finds it rest, i honor my vows with all,
The time is near, the time is now, when we all have found the way,
It appears bright and covered with the speaks of greatness,
My days are numbered but my hands are counting as the time zones shift
In the distance i see a time, the time that brings with it promises,
We all shall endure the test of time and blossom like June flowers
If only that we acquire our strength for he who reckons with our feelings.
I find my rest in the distance.


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