Walk A Mile In My Shoes.

This month at Watoto Church, most of the attention has been dedicated to having what was named “The Blessed Family”. The preachers have touched on a number of areas concerning the family living and what it means to root one’s family in the foundation of Godly principles.

One particular Sermon that i would describe as epic was shared last week, Saturday 10th November. Now before i get into the details of the sermon,there is more to that day which i need to get out of the system so i can start on a clean page. That Saturday i was meant to be very buzy moving up and down..or i thought that’s what happened.

My Day’s schedule included 3 venues that were miles apart. The 1st was at my Daughters School(Yes..my daughter). As a parent, i had to attend an art exhibition as the kids showcased their non academic talents in Art and Crafts. The event was very well organised save for the part where we were told that due to health reasons, we were not going to be able to meetup with the kids yet this was the primary reason for attending the event in the first place. I have seen angry parents, but this time it was one interesting scene as all the parents around me found all the reasons to curse. I don’t blame the school entirely but in some way, they should have informed the parents in advance.that would have brought the attendance numbers to less than half and also saved my time and transport. So Event one was a flop in all ways.

Event 2 was the one i anticipated to be the best of all. Now as a tech enthusiast, its always good to keep up to date with what’s going on around the tech world. Outbox had put together a live stream of the World Camp Kenya,an event that brings together bloggers and developers, this years theme focusing on information  WordPress, one of the best or even the best blogging site was the main focus  Having got myself a ticket online(thankfully it was free). I prepared to head to the Hub and also rub shoulders with the Who’s who in the Blogging industry in Uganda. I rushed to find my way to the venue and by 2pm, i was there.I was welcomed by the aroma of very good food and i sure didn’t spare it. As turned round too acquaint myself with the surroundings, i realized that the room was half empty with just a few developers also buzy with lunch.I also joined in and had my lunch. Minutes later,I got to lean that the people meant to make the event happen had not done their part..therefor to cut the long story short it was also a flop. Time and transport wasted.

The 3rd event which was Watoto Church was the climax of the day and thankfully, it took my mind off all the day’s appointment’s  This time i was there 30 minutes to the beginning of service which gave me alot of time to prepare into service mood.The praise and worship as usual was powerful as the choir did what they do best.

Time came for the sermon to be shared and wow!! it was supper cool. John and Helen Burns, the relationship gurus took center stage and took on all my attention to the extent that i even failed to as my habit tweet in church. Relationships were expounded on and it was made clear that even in the beginning  God’s aim was to create a world in which relationships  flourished, Even during the times of Adam and Eve. 

To summarize all that was shared in simple words, we all have a story that’s worth sharing. In our everyday lives, all we go through is a story of our lives and each one has their own unique story. all we need is an audience to listen to that story, that’s where relationships come in. relationships are the avenue through which our stories are shared with the world(world can even mean the 1 most important person in yo life).Simple as our stories maybe, They are written by God and we also have to understand that God doesn’t write stories with no aim. Yo life’s story is not yet finished until he says so. Often we like to imagine that at a certain point God has stopped caring but no. God is just there  in the background writing you a wonderful story.All you have to do is sit back and relax as you watch it unfold.

The saying “Walk a mile in my Shoes” simply prompts us to imagine living our lives through the mind of someone else. When you put yo self in someone else’s shoes and imagine going through what they are going through is one way to build a very good and lasting relationship. This not only works for “Girl-Boy” relationships, but also all other relationships be it in a family or even a circle of friends.

Before you start judging someone, Take time and Walk a mile in their Shoes.


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