My Journey In Words (Part 2)

In our daily lives, we all have different addictions or I may say cravings, depending on our individual life styles, I would like to say I got addicted to computers in a rather funny way because this I came to discover this while in my primary seven vacation,it was during that time that the era of social networking was “catching fire” but personally I felt that shouldn’t get involved in that way so I opened up an e-mail address and worked on how to start communicating via e-mail, what did help was that I had a pen pal in the UK and she kept on asking me what my e-mail address was and that forced me to open one so that I can keep the communication line open although we still communication through snail mail. So back to my point of “addiction”, at home we never had internet access which meant that I had to pay more visits to the internet café to surf, now we all know that during those years, internet was till expensive but somehow I still could afford to use the café. I soon discovered that the internet can actually be used for much more than just e-mail but also as a source of tones of information.

Time came and when the PLE results were released, I was sure that Ntare School was my next destination. In my mind, I pictured this very small school to which I had never been before but only heard about from other people, I prayed and hoped that when I get there, I would have an opportunity to make use of computers and the internet, I was very pleased to know that the school had a state of the art computer Lab with an internet connection (God knows I was very Glad, even as a new student). While on our tour as the incoming Form 1 students, we were taken to the computer Lab and for the first time I saw very many computers in one room (It was not just a room because it was air conditioned) and they explained to us how important it was to follow laboratory rules and the like. Time came for our very 1st computer lesson but unfortunately, for the 1st two years, we had to study the theory part and leave the Practical part for Form 3, This I didn’t like at all but I had to accept and live with it. God thing was that we studied the history of computers and the whole evolution from the abacus to the Fourth generation of Computers, It was during those lessons that our teacher would chip in alot of jokes and also share with us his experiences in the Computer World, this made the lessons even more interesting.

As time went by, I made it a point to look for computer societies through which I could engage my skills at the time, In form two, I joined the Computer Club and made sure that I was also part of its management which prompted me to apply for the post of Class representative, that marked the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life at Secondary School. Through that simple position, I had much more access to the computer Lab and the internet, It was then that I started looking for something that would occupy me whenever am in the lab, therefore, I thought of finding out a little more about the people responsible for making and maintaining the computers of this world. Two names kept popping up in this area and those were Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, I did as much research as possible on these two and even made sure that I had all the latest information about what was going on in their lives, That gave me a challenge but also an opportunity to learn because the question that was always disturbing me was how humanly possible it was that these people were actually creating computers(I say creating because the process involves both the hardware and Software and neither can run independent of the other).

I always asked my teacher questions like, How did he do that, where did he actually study from and how come we don’t have such people in Africa, the answers to these were available while for others, I had to discover on my own or they would even for ever remain unanswered……Continued in Part 3


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