The Watoto Experience


         Having been used to the traditional Church setting where most of the church activities are basically carried out in such a way that a particular order of service has to be followed,particular prayers,songs and most of the times,there are particular books with guidance on how services are to be carried out. Back home in Mbarara,i always went to all saints church which had done a good job in getting me hooked to the word and increasing my knowledge of God’s grace but somehow, i always wanted something more although it was kinda hard to define what exactly i was looking for,non the less,i didn’t give up the search for that one Church in which i would feel very comfortable

          The most important question is “What do look for in a good Church?” The answer to this question varies depending on the age and background of a particular individual however in my own words, what i would look for in a good church is whether it has a vision in line with my own vision,its leadership is commendable and honest,Stands for the truth ohh! and it should also have youth oriented activities that tailored for this Century. Much as there is no basic set of rules when it comes to worship, I do believe that worship should in all ways give honor and Glory to the creator which means that we out to be careful how we worship or appear to worship.

          Back in the days when i was in Primary, I attended my first service at Kampala Pentacostal Church(Central),though i was still young, those memories are still clear in my mind because it was one of those experiences i wouldn’t want to forget. I remember attending Sunday School classes and having lots of fun for that day, how i wished it wouldn’t come to an end. Spiritually, i had no idea what was going on and honestly i didn’t care that much. It was only after i had joined secondary school that i actually got to understand what goes on spiritually.Time went by but somehow i kept wishing and praying that i could get more chances to attend services at KPC but all in vain. It was only in P.7 vac and S.4 vaccation that i got the chance to attend service at Watoto North and it was indeed very powerful, My prayer was and had always been that God works his miracles and i attend more and more services at Watoto

       There is a saying that ” God is always working in the background even though we can’t see him” and i believe this very much having had an experience that will forever remain engraved on my memory. I had no idea that i was even going to attend university in Kampala because as it had been arranged, i was meant to attend university at MUST( A university in my home district,Mbarara). Now alot happened in between that caused me not to attend university there but rather here in Kampala. It was then that i realized how close i was to living that dream i have always had. Yes i was very much right,Slow but surely i was getting there,It has taken me over a month to gather myself and be practical in making steps towards making my dream a reality. So I send in an inquiry to the Church authorities about some details. It takes some good time with no reply but finally someone comes through and they invite me to attend the Sunday Service, an invitation i took very seriously(the joy that filled heart was so intense that it was even manifested on the outside with a celebration as though i was on the winning team of some soccer team).

         Sunday Came and prepared myself very well, the fun part was that i actually couldn’t locate Watoto central so i had to put my geographical skills to test which was very interesting and after locating it, i was even more excited. the moment i stepped inside, I felt as though a whole load was taken off my shoulder,the worship team(God bless them abundantly) was just magical,the whole auditorium was filled with people worshiping,praising, Praying and the Sermon was classical, Focusing on the far our country has come in the past 50 years,it couldn’t be more timely. Picturing myself standing some where in the congregation  worshiping ..Oh! It was amazing and something tells me that its just the beginning, the future holds more and more of such moments.

          Thanks be to God for that one phone call it took to get me to actually make up my mind,Thank God for the 3 guards that gave me directions on my way to the church and Thank God for the leadership team at watoto Church, I will for ever be thankful for this 30th Day of September 2012. though as i write this its already October, it surely is very timely.


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