My Fallen Hero

I have always liked this common song fALLEN hEROes – dAVIS, SP, KEKO, MWAMBa Childrean’s Choir. the song gives an account of each of the artists’ losses of their heroes. I believe we all have those heroes that we look upto in the different areas of our lives. I had never thought i would stand on my two feet and start crying but that day, i cannot understand where the tears came from. All i remember is that it was too much for all of us to handle and more to that, my elder brother even failed to deliver his speech and no one could even give him a hand. Never before have i witnessed an honourable burial like i did that day. Poeple talked and failed to finish. They say men are not supposed to cry and well to a certain theoretical extent, i believe it out to be the case(Am working on a counter theory). The day started on a very sad note as the announcements came in informing us that Rev.Canon Bukindura had passed away,I prefer to say “had gone to heaven” because i do believe as of now, he is looking down at us from there and God know the thoughts running in his mind. The whole atmosphere at that moment was dark as though umeme had planned it with prior knowledge. As we absorbed the news, each one of us struggled to think rationally but thankfully big Daddy was the strong one, Arrangements were made under his instructions and the next day,we all traveled to the land of Milk and Honey(Bushenyi). Okay now i want to skip through all the stuff that quickly followed and go to the most interesting part.
As with all burials, some traditions and customs have to be followed so you can fill in the blanks(Assuming you have ever attended a burial ceremony). Back to my earlier point,I mean the “hero” part. I have attended not so many burials as to draw a conclusion, but enough to drive my point home.My Granny was a Rev which only meant that majority of the attendees had to be the clergy.They sure turned up in big numbers and occupied a whole tent,am not sure of the exact number,but i know they were many. Added to the people that attended (Relatives,Friends and In-Laws). I would therefore not be wrong to say that the man was in his own way famous. Now famous to me may carry a different meaning depending on how you look at it. I call him famous simply because it was through his wisdom that i got to learn many important lessons in life,the most important being “Trusting In God” We all have different levels and perceptions of trust,but we must admit that all of us at least trust in something irrespective of what it is. Me i choose God.My hero also taught me one important lesson of “Knowing and being proud of where i come from” each one of us has an origin and a family line that we out to respect and be proud of. It may not necessarily be morally of financially well off but the important part is that it who you are and only that is reason enough for you to respect it. There are many more lessons he tought me but i feel obligated to mainly talk about the above 2 lessons. Before he died,he called all of us(his grand Children) and told us to always remember to Forgive and love each other(he even told us to forgive him,as though i could find the slightest trace of any fault at that moment). Added to the above two lessons, that makes four important lessons that i have treasured and made my life principles

They may appear to be plain English statements, but the message held in them is what i consider very important and throughout my life, I will live to see that i am not disappointing to my dear Grand Father
Rest In Peace Dear Grand pa or as we called him “Tatenkuru” in our mother tongue


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