Live your Life

According to Wikipedia, “Fun” is simply defined as being the enjoyment of pleasure which I believe is relative based on how one prefers to think about the meaning. We are created differently and as the scientists would reason, each human being has a different genetic strand, now that shows us how differently we are meant to think no matter what the society around us tries to impart on us.

Among all human beings, there will always be that part of you that craves to venture out to the outside of what your conscience tells you, our conscience is supposed to be the basic guide in most of the things we are to do irrespective of what they are, no matter whether they are bad or the opposite, hence the saying “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. It’s only when we dis-regard our conscience that things go the wrong way. Ever wondered why when are just pondering something but then some inner voice just tells you that it’s not right, the way we get that feeling varies but the point is that some part of you is made aware that there has been a disagreement with your heart.

From the small time I have spent at university (3 weeks to be specific), I have made quite a number of observations in different areas, be it learning, living, cooking e.t.c. what have learn in a few days I would say is more than what I did learn in boarding school life for the 6 years, not that I didn’t learn much, but let’s just say that this has been overwhelming. When u live in a society that has made it a point to define for you the course that your life out to take, then you most certainly are bound to encounter very many challenges trying to re-define what society has concluded on. Our lifestyles are based on what we do, where we hang out, with whom we hangout and in simple terms what majority of our time is spent on. If one wakes up in the morning and decides to get wasted all day, that’s their lifestyle, If one spends all day playing computer games, then that’s who they are and the earlier society gets used to the reality of the situation, the better for all.

Back to my point of fun, I would like to share with us a story from which I got a better understanding of the subject. Some time ago, I was told that my university is organizing a house warming party to welcome the fresher’s (ohh! Yes, am a fresher) to the university life, there was a monetary tag put to the party but as a good student (a good student is supposed to attend all school programmes) I gave in and paid to attend after one of my friends lectured me on the whole “have fun” topic, time came and the party was in high gear with everyone cladding on suits (by suits I mean jeans, t-shirts and tight fitting shirts). Me I opted to dress casually, fast forward….the party starts with drinks of all kind, we get snacks, meanwhile the music is beyond what most ears can handle even though they pretend to be enjoying it, as everyone is partying, poor me is on phone tweeting recklessly, after being spotted, one of the attendees asks me whether I paid 10k to just come to the party and use my phone, come to think of it, he had a point because from start I was tweeting instead of being in party mood. I am not a person that is good at attending parties and outdoor events not because I don’t want but its due to the fact that I don’t find any rewarding fun in such activities, I have always wanted to experiment and having attended the party open my eyes to the reality. As I write this, I have had to cut my attendance short while everyone is saying the party is getting better, what could be better than a good night’s sleep in my warm bed at the moment(Just saying)?

I would love to see each one of us define fun in their own terms but no basing on what we see others do, say or how they act. It’s our right to have fun but most of us abuse the right when we force those around us to accept a pre-defined set of habits we perceive as fun. Personally, I would rather sleep than watch a football match, now too many, that would raise some eye brows simply because it sounds unusual but the fact that it’s the truth and am proud to mention it is one way of letting your life take its natural course instead of importing a life style copied or adopted form the outside. I cannot define fun for everyone but the definition above should be able to summaries the whole idea so that all of us can be able to do what brings pleasure to us no matter how weird it may be perceived in a particular society.


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