Birthday Random Thoughts

Days come and go; we go through life’s experiences and move on as though we don’t actually care what happens the next day. This is what I would call “going wherever the wind blows you”
However simple this type of living maybe, it’s not in any way the best way to live. okay that aside, i must say i have spent quite a long time not updating this blog for reasons i think the internet know best, and well, sometimes one doesn’t often get the creativity to write. But just that today happens to be my birthday; I thought it worth writing about. In this century, it’s always fashionable to celebrate birthdays with parties, cakes, sodas and generally what is described as having fun.
Gone are the days when we had Birthday cards to receive from friends and relatives, due to the arrival of the internet, things have taken another turn as people send birthday cards on, posting messages on one’s timeline, sending in tweets ohh! And messages on phone. This to me removes all the fun that one is meant to enjoy on their birthday, now let’s assume my internet connection was down, that would mean that i have no birthday messages to read.
Once upon a time, about 7 years ago, when i was still in primary, there was this trend of having pen pals and I was lucky to have gotten one courtesy of my primary six teacher who thought is wise to liaise with our director and get us pen pals. This I must say was fun coz letters were given to us at Random, i was very lucky to be given that of a girl, guess she was also lucky. We then had to write letters and introduce our selves that were the cool part because you would basically write anything about yourself that you think makes one want to get to know more about you.
The next sage was waiting for a reply after around a month. I was very lucky my new overseas friend replied my letter and that marked the beginning of a series of letter writing which made me look forward to at least 2 letters every term of the year, birthday greeting cards. The reason these were important was because of the effort one employed to make the letter as appealing as possible for both parties. Years went by and the trend started changing as the use of internet came into play.
Fast forward to 2012, all this has become history as there are no more letters, birthday cards or anything in hard copy. This in most case doesn’t make it any fun because all you will get are soft copies of messages which will fade away anytime. My most memorable birthdays are those in which I received birthday cards and those memories are still very vivid.
Personally, i try my best to make the birthdays of those I care about memorable so they can create a lasting impression. I am not against the internet revolution which by the way has made things much easier as information is effectively conveyed to many people in the shortest time, my point is that it shouldn’t be used as the only way but only as a means to complement what is already there. Am sure we can all be creative and make a lasting impression on the birthdays of those that care about us and those we care about.
Back to my earlier “Going where the wind blows you” notion, I am a big fun of the famous preacher, Joel Osteen and in one of his books, he said that “There are no coincidences in life”
Our lives are well planned and co-ordinated( that is if you happen to be a believer) like the bible says in Jer 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. This verse is very clear and in simple English therefore it doesn’t require alot of explanation and it’s what I have decided to adopt as my theme verse for my birthday on this 8th August 2012, 20 years from when I was born.


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