Creativity Vs Compromise in Advertising

According to the statistics, Uganda has one of the highest numbers of business startups in Africa and that means one thing which is the fact that we are creative in one way or the other. Further evidence of this is the increasing number of workshops be it metal, carpentry or even art studios, Now all this surely is a good sign that our country is moving forward in a business sense.

I have also witnessed creativity in other areas like theft (Ugandans are very good in this area considering the new tactics that are born every day to counter the iron hand of the police and even the increasing number of hackers that have continuously eluded telecom companies in the quest for internet freedom). The music industry has also had its fair share of creativity with new singers (I would have called them artists or musicians but a few would fall this category so to generalize, let me call them singers), every day we see a new face on TV and almost on all weekends, there is a singer launching a new album and our radios are continuously playing their tunes all day. Now if this is not creativity them what is it?

The advertising industry has also played a lead role in advancing an advanced level of creativity with very “Kul” adverts that are not only informative but also entertaining to watch. Now this is where I want to base my argument. Recently we have seen a number of companies come up with different angles to make known their products and services to the customers who are the viewers. I cannot possible understand whether its my lack of appreciation or I just don’t get it. I have been particularly
bothered by the on going Warid advert on TV informing us about their new “3.75”. I just don’t like those guys with all their statements and the way they portray the whole subject of very fast internet speeds. I don’t hate warid or have any case against them considering that this is my second post in which they come in. In fact to demonstrate my love for Warid, am using their internet service to write this post which internet service by far is the cheapest and fairly fast(there you go, am admitting that warid is one of the best despite my sentiments). Going back to my point, I would implore the advertising agencies to properly guide their clients on what angles to pitch their adverts so that they are appealing to the viewers and are not necessarily boring and even misleading.

We have a lot of potential creative minds that are just waiting for an opportunity to make use of their brains and be able to come up with advertising concepts that are good enough to attract a viewership. Am sure almost all companies (Warid Inclusive) have got a PRO department that is supposed to handle matters pertaining to the public image of their companies.

I Now want to also show you an advert that has got the qualities am looking for, Now for a long time now, Coca cola has been putting in an extra effort in creating captivating adverts that are both entertaining and informative, You see, if one sits down and pitches a concept that’s able to entertaining the audience, that interests them and in the end, the message is delivered in the most effective way. Coca cola has done this in the best way they know how, Music, culture and knowing what the people like to watch. The advert would or has surely attracted attention, even my 3 year old nephew sings along when the advert airs and as time goes on, he will be able to know that the whole point is to entice him to drink coke products.
IF only all companies that put their monies in advertising would pick a lessons or two form the coke advert, then am sure they are going to reap big from their campaigns, Am very sorry I had to use warid ad an example because am sure there are many more companies that fall in the same category.

P.S. I mention the Big guns so that the small guns can also pick.As for the musicians; I will talk about them later.


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