Oh My Dear Boss

           Image  I have not heard so much experience in work and am sure this is just the beginning of an era of understanding the behavial mechanisms of different people. When i was still at school, I dreamt of this time when i would be waking up very early in the morning and sitting in an office and waiting for clients to come and i make money. Fast forward to December 2011, I got the Job and aparently started working at with this very cool company in town. In fact,I was doing some good work with Graphics which kinda made me proud.

         I was not so desparate or rather i didn’t want to appear desperate because its not a fashionable trait one would love to adopt. So as i worked, I was told that for two months i would be on probation so that i can gain enough experience for a full employment. Two months were done and I was told that now i can begin serious work and pulling of deals with clients which i welcomed whole heartedly and made me very excited. Little did i know that this trend was going to change.Its now been 4 months and last week i decided to ask a few questions about my remuneration. to my shock, my dear boss had other plans in mind, non of which suited me. I must credit myself for the audacity to confront him because from what i have heard, he is a very feared fellow that in my view skipped a few lessons on human resaurse management.Many would argue that with my level of education and age, I shuold glasly accept what ever is put on my plate without questions because jobs are scarse and there are very many vacists with litrally nothing to do.This i strongly disagree with reason being that we should first examine the nature of work so that it can be mathced with the remuneration. I have heard pople say that the experince is what matters.and yes, experince is very important but look at how much money is spent on transport and other expences that incurred all in the name of experience which experince by the way earns alot of money for the Boss from whom you are allegedly getting experince from. the excuse that they give is that for the fact that am training you, There is going to be no pay untilll you fully learn what is required of you. The lessons I have learnt form all this is that we should strive to create an avenue through which we can be self employed and also take it upone ourselves to treat workmates or subordinates in the same way we would like to be treated. 

I would like to sincerely appreciate the efforts of my boss who tought me so many lessons.Only that i learnt the hard way and he for sure has lost a vary committed and valuable employee.


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