An Open Letter To Warrid Telecom

Some few years ago, making calls was quiet expensive and many of us preferred to make less calls unless it was an urgent one. This went on for sometime until the “savior” warrid came on board with all the promotions especially “pakalast”. ever since then, “life without a warrid line has seemed to be incomplete”,many businessmen would say, in fact, at my place of work, we are all forced to use warrid coz its assumed that warrid is the cheapest(basically all the calls at work run on warrid)

With all this credit to warrid, i find it rather confusing with all the disappointments this new year. I have taken time to visit the warrid website so many times so that i can find what am always looking for. Firstly, the website looks pathetic considering that the telecom is currently running a promo that includes a free website design for as cheap as 85k, am not an expert at web designing, but i like giving credit where its due. The them on the website is fine but the content is so limited and this doesn’t attract more visitors. Looking at the website of MTN as a case study reveals that the website attracts more visitors coz of one special addition and that is the Free sms option as it saves alot especially for those that send bulk sms.

All telecom companies run very many promotions and sometimes these things are confusing so I always take the initiative to engage the customer care on such issues and to my disappointment, i actually get no response(who ever runs the warrid accounts on facebook and Twitter needs to style up). It takes like for ever to get a response on any query one may have. I tried to prove this by engaging them on a certain topic about their poor network which topic i thought would attract their attention very first,
“I could help you with that….where are you located? what phone are using? what actual issues are you finding with Warid?”
That was the response from warrid(I posted this 2 days ago and it took them more than 24hrs to respond, even with a lousy response in my opinion).
Some time ago, i stumbled across some link on the warrid facebook page and it was reading that “Because we Care, Warid is currently offering free 3 day practical trainings for graduates, those still at University & S.6 leavers. To apply send your CV & wait for confirmation call. Meals are provided for free.”I saw this and got somehow excited to see how much care this was but honestly this post had no details of what they were actually referring to. It took alot of comments for them to break the silence about the whole programme which makes me think that the person who runs the twitter account is similar to that one that runs the one of facebook(They are both slow at loading).
My final issue is with these customer care people that run the system,you call and then if by luck you happen to go through,you interact, and then the good thing is that at the end of the call, warrid asked a question about whether the person you have just talked to has been of any help, My answer to this questions has always been “No” but this is useless i guess coz if it were that important, then there should always be a followup, which makes me assume that these messages are just automated responses from the warrid systems.
I have no bad intentions for warrid but i only hope that in case one of their people reads this post, they should take it seriously so that we can avoid any appointments in the future. “WE ALSO CARE”


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