My Old Friend’s Matooke.

Recently when I was in town, I met an old friend of mine; his appearance though was in someway similar to that of a not so elegant teenager who doesn’t mind about his appearance. My point of interest was not his appearance but rather the insight he gave to me about what he was doing and I found it worth considering to share with whoever might be interested
I come from one of the areas in Uganda that is credited as among the leading producers of Matooke i.e Isingiro and as u may also note, Uganda is one of the leading producers of matooke in the world over. with those small statistics, am hoping that you already have an idea of what am going to be sharing.
Back to my old friend, he first of all asked me what I was doing in vacation and well, I was very honest and told him that I was working for someone to which I expected him to congratulate me however, he said to me
“Patrick how can you work for someone when you can make your own money very easily?”
I told him that surely it was close to impossible for me to do that and that’s when everything got interesting, here is what he told me (in reported speech)
“ehh Pato, there is a lot you need to learn, me I purposed not to be a poor man, I have seen poor people in my family and I do not like that whole lifestyle, just a few minutes ago I saw off one of my drivers who helps me transport my matooke to Kampala, infact am waiting for another as we speak, he is supposed to pay back my money because I have to deposit is today”
Now with that, I thought to myself,
“This guy must be bragging or out of his mind”
Little did I know that it was all true. As he continued, I asked him how he started dealing in Matooke and why of all things that( I was shocked by his response)
“Pato , u do not know where the money is, I buy a bunch of matooke at 8k and sell it at 25-10k in Kampala, I go deep down to my village, see my village friends and collect Many bunches, I then call my dealers i.e. the “Fusso” guys and they come and collect it. I pay for the Matooke in Cash and then get on the same vehicle with the Motooke, off we go to Kampala, then I go to the markets and sell the matooke, Many, it sells so quickly and I only spend two days there, I then return with the money and the chain begins again”
Now , seriously when you do the math if he were to purchase about 100 bunches, that would require 80k and from what he told me, transportation is 2k for each bunch, when he sells the smallest bunch is about 10k and the biggest goes for about 25k, that adding up to about 1m and 2.5m respectively, assuming that accommodation expenses ,feeding e.t.c cost about 100k, surely you can do the difference and conclude.
My point here is that there is a lot of potential in the agricultural sector like Hon.Bright Rwamirama once said that
“Should farmers also protest that food prices have increased? From what I understand, high food prices definitely increase the income of these farmers”
I would not entirely agree with that statement but in its own way, it accurate. My fellow youths and soon to entrepreneurs, there is so much money in the agricultural sector and yet so few people involved in the sector. Even though “Genextug “campaigns for years about smaller families, there is so much potential to feed the growing population.
In the past, we had very few cash crops which is not the case now as we have many more money worthy crops that have been introduced. When I am travelling to my village, It hurts me to see all the land that is lying idle and yet there is so much potential to turn it into one lucrative investment venture. I would love to see many of us including myself take on agri business for the good of ourselves and our dear country


2 thoughts on “My Old Friend’s Matooke.

  1. ….. One of the best reads i have come across in a long time, Simple and straight to the point
    Thanks for sharing, Jah bless Ya

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