A candle can never loose its light by lighting another candle

        Image           Over the years, one thing i have learnt to deal with is the issue with many of those that are not willing to share knowlegde with others. When we look at the state of the counrty, many youth out there are lucking in skills and are in urgent need of help to be entrprising(Not finacial help) and am very sure there are many that have made it(almost) in different fields that can be wells of knowledge to the youth become in them lies a very untapped potential.

                    The six years i spent at Ntare school, I took time to observe the students’ behaviour when it comes to such issues and the findings were Not as i expected but that proved my point of knowledge sharing. imagine you are in class and it so happens that you are the brightest and always teke the credit when it comes to academic power, That wud make you a favourite for the teachers whose interest is looking at good grades of their students now this bright student when put into the field of business ar sports, may (always) fail(s) to perform to the expectations of those watching. Now this simply implies that one cannot be good at everything so this super bright student will most definetly need the knowledge of a less bright student in order to make safe or rather smart investment decisions. So this craetes a “win-win ” situation where both parties benefit from each other. If you have read the book “rich dad, Poor dad” then you understand what am talking about.

                       Today i read a post On a Facebook page about Investing in Uganda and omong many things, it highlighted 3 most inmprtant investment areas in Uganda.https://www.facebook.com/groups/tradelinksafrica/, Now am not going to discuss the contents of the post but rather it significane and origin . It very hard to come across someone that is willing to share their Finacial knowledge with the public and even go ahead to give specifics of what they are talking about given the attitude of most people in Uganda that feel that sharing the information would jeorpadise their Business ideas which is not the case. If only many of the farmers would share their knowledge, then we would have less food zibs in our dear county.

                    I would recommend to all entrepreneurs that they gladly share their views on Investment instead of only bragging of how they came from far. What we want to know is how they got to where they are not where they came from. I have been listening to many interviews of business men and the way they respond to some questions really kills me(am not saying all are like that). The few who are willing to delve into the details of how they are given less attention or ignored by the media or even the audience. As we usher in the new year, its my Humble request to whoever is concerned or has taken time to read this post that they may quickly get the means to reach out to the youth that is hungry for Information. If you do not have a platform, me am willing to give you one and in the end, our county will leave for ever.



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