Sparks Fly

From a far, I could hear the voices ring
Calling on the one that beheld the mantle to rise
Who cares what is said,who wants to know
The gladness in the might is far from reach
I could tell it was a wise call unto the world.
The dark days and seasons of reckoning closer

My hands frozen to death for the day came near
My mind charmed to a piece of magic wand.
My feat fail to depart to the destiny of peace
My stomach in want of the most precious dish
I wander when and what shall befall the son of man
The voice rings and rings form far in my ears
My eyes devoid of greener hope but full of chaff.
To whom do i disclose my fate? For it was written

When the dance gets to the climax, the drummers fall
For they cannot hold on to the demands of strength
The numbers flow by like a river’s course only to the source do they respect
the words blow by like a northern wind at night
The voice rings and rings from a far as the sparks fly away


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