Pornography, a looming Evil

Pornography has grown popular over the years especially with the technology revolutions where the distribution of the material has been made easier and so it is not so hard to publish content online or even distribute the content on DVD, in the past, it was only through VHS that one would get pornographic material and this made the distribution difficult however with the wave of pay TV and the internet, one can get all they need at the click of a mouse and at no price. There is no reasoning that can be brought forward to justify the activities of porn artists especially in our African culture that strongly condemns the perception of sex as a tool of making money but rather and intimate relationship given to the married. Many people will argue that a little bit of porn is good because it arouses that feeling(Intimacy) between adults but seriously if this is the thinking you had, its wrong.
On a Christian perspective, porn is evil. It is like a cancer that spreads and more sins spring from it like lying, deception and even trying to corrupt others as is the case here. I have read about its addictive nature and the chemical effects on the brain so that these people actually can not help themselves (no different from cocaine though cocaine is easier to give up I read) and it breaks my heart because it destroys the one special bond between a man and a woman that distinguishes them from friendship and will be the breakdown of families and our society unless people get real about it. During the process of porn watching, the following take place
1. A release of dopamine takes place which is similar to the cravings and dependency with drugs. This explains why porn addicts experience withdrawal symptoms when they discontinue.
2. Norepinephrine increases memory capacity. This is why porn addicts can recall porn images with clarity years later.
3. Testosterone increases the desire for more porn triggering the release of more testosterone. This causes the porn viewer to be busy for long periods, leading to total addiction.
4. Oxytocin levels rise forging a bond without any physical compassion. What is he attracted to? This may explain why porn viewers develop an attraction for women with a certain body build. When oxytocin dissipates, the bonding disappears and he is left lonelier than ever.
5. Serotonin is the last chemical to be released causing a feeling of calmness.
Individuals turn to porn to self-medicate and escape the pressures of life but add much pressure on them. Porn contains many emotions, feelings and memories that have nothing to do with sex. It is these “other” connections that give porn power above the sexual. It creates a diseased system – an illness like drug dependency.
In the recent past, our entertainment industry has made quiet a good number of changes in the kinds of material they throw at us to watch, its no longer about lack of what to actually produce but rather how best it can be made so that the viewers can be sure to get addicted, in reference to the topic, the western world from where much of the movies are made, has made it a point to poison the minds of the innocent young adults with so much material deemed “X-rated”. And with the increase in access to paytv in Africa, the material has been easily circulated with not a lot of effort, take a example of some of the very famous drama series like Spartacus,game of thrones,davinci’s demons and many more. If you ask the fans of such content, they will not admit the fact that it’s more about the nudity that interests them that any other themes in the movies.
We need to understand that our bodies(males) are wired in such a way that it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation to want to see more in a movie than just a kiss, our imagination is so good that even with just a kiss, our brains process more and add the missing details, now the movie directors have realized that this doesn’t work for them, so they leave nothing for the imagination but rather add all that is needed, Now i cannot speak for the ladies but as i guy i know that it takes just small show of the ladies’ “skin” for guys to start having sexual desires, If you deny that, i dare you to prove me wrong.
Distributing porn material is not easy because everyone knows that it’s wrong so the best way to do it is through disguising it in a normal movie and from the appearance, the storyline of the movie or the title doesn’t in the actual sense reveal the content of the movie in itself, that’s where a large number of the viewers have unintentionally gotten hooked to porn and trust me when you are hooked, its almost impossible to leave the habit unless there’s divine intervention.

We can collectively fight this evil that looms in our society especially among the youth by being careful with what we watch and making sure that we understand that not all entertainment is meant for consumption. I would be lying if i tell you that sieving what to watch is easy, it’s a process that begins with the realization that there’s a problem in this world and taking a bold step in fighting this deadly evil.
Personally, when i realized that i was getting hooked, i made it a point to at all costs take some measures that i want to share below
The 1st step is accepting that you have a problem and you need help, it may not be easy to share this with anyone, but if there is an older person that you can trust and know that they will not condemn you, you can let them know, they may not help alot but when you share the problem, it reduces on the burden of carrying it alone, that tremendously reduces on the weight. If you are a believer, praying to God about it is also one good way of making progress.
The second step is looking for those things that were sources of the porn material and getting them as far away from you as possible,make sure that you are not able to get access to them later, this is because there will be temptation to resume the habit, your brain will have lie to you that without the material, you cannot survive and so like any other fight against addiction, it’s a struggle, Now after removing the source, you need to get content that’s acceptable to replace the porn material, so this means investing time in making sure that whatever you watch doesn’t even give you the slightest idea of going back to the pornography. This means being specific with what you watch and read or even listen to.
Another step would be finding something you like doing, an activity that can take your mind away from the pornographic scenes that seem to be engraved in the brain, this could be sports, writing reading, music and many more activities, the point of this, is to help get the attention away from the porn scenes and helping get rid of the images in the head. For me it was writing and music that worked for me and every time i felt like i was going back,i went on to do some writing.
You must realize that it’s a process and so there are times when you fall, but you get back up and start all over again and trust me when the battle is won, you will be the first to celebrate.

Here is a list of websites that give guidance to those that face this problem. The fist step in breaking this addiction is accepting that the problem actually exists. Personally, I realized before I went any further and when I realized that pornography is evil, I have dedicated my time in gilding those that are still blind about the effects. Even if parents fight hard to block porn sites by use of parental controls on TV, trust me the kids of today are so sophisticated that they will break all those barriers. I do not want to be judgmental but there are things in this world that we need to rise up against with no fear. In the Bible, when Jesus discovered that people were selling commodities in the Temple, he quickly responded with so much anger and it is this anger that we need to enforce as a means of coming against this evil however it takes many people to combat it both locally and at the International level. We need alternatives content both online and TV. If we collectively come together and discuss some of the proposals.
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